Friday, May 8, 2015

German Creoles Represent

The German-Creoles contributed many things (including food and music) to Louisiana and Texas life, but rarely get any mention in discussions of regional culture. An interesting read on German-Creoles of Louisiana and Texas, called by some "the forgotten Creoles" - David Cheramie of MyNewOrleans.Com writes: "German speakers from the Rhine Valley, Switzerland and Belgium (formed) the (Louisiana) German Coast, now the parishes of St. Charles, St. John the Baptist and St. James. Without the produce supplied by their farms in the 1730s, New Orleans would probably have collapsed from famine. It is difficult to imagine that one could starve in Louisiana, but the threat was always there in the beginning. Despite several families who claim "Cajun" roots with names like Waguespack, Zaunbrecher, Schexnayder or Zeringue, we do not often take into account the importance of German immigration in our history and their contribution to our cultural gumbo." - For more check out his essay at:

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