Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Facts vs Fiction - The Cajunization Of Creole Culture

Reading "Louisiana's French Creole Culinary & Linguistic Traditions - Facts vs Fiction Before and Since Cajunization" - says writer John LaFluer II: "For the last four decades, Louisiana has promoted its 500 year old French Colonial Creole culture as "Cajun" implying that this culture had its origin in Acadian Canada. Nothing could be farthest from the truth." - "Louisiana's historic multi-ethnic Creole culture would change to a weird stereotyping of only white French-speakers as "Cajun" and only black French-speakers as "Creole" - regardless of the facts of history, genealogy, geography and reality. Today, the meaning of "Cajun" has once again changed into something which seeks to encompass a so-called "regional identity" which again, ignores its own past and historical meaning." -

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