Thursday, May 7, 2015

Don't Know Much About History - Texas Creole Zydeco Event Labeled Cajun By Local Museum

Roger Wood, author of the excellent book "Texas Zydeco," will be speaking today at a lecture entitled “Lone Star Lala: Texas and Zydeco Music” at 6:30 p.m. today at The McFaddin-Ward House, located at 1906 Calder Avenue at Third St. in Beaumont, Texas. Unfortunately, the local historical museum does not seem to know that Creole and Cajun are actually two different things - and Zydeco was created by Creoles, not Cajuns. Not letting historical fact stand in the way, the museum has promoted the event by describing Zydeco as "Cajun" even going so far as to promising "Cajun dishes" at the reception and hiring a local Cajun Music band (who say they play "Cajun Music The Cajun Way" on their website - and admit that they only play "a little Zydeco" on their Facebook page). When I pointed out to the museum via social media that Zydeco was in fact created by Creoles, not Cajuns - and the fact that Creoles and Cajuns are different cultures and Zydeco and Cajun Music are two different genres - the museum replied "Looks like we've all got a lot to learn tomorrow!" - (Facepalm) - I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. - (Update - the museum also responded that the Cajun Music band booked for the event is "aware that this is a zydeco lecture and have promised to bring plenty of zydeco flavor to their songs tonight.")

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