Saturday, May 9, 2015

Debut Novel Explores Texas Creole Culture

Bobby Booker of the Philadelphia Tribune has written a piece on Houston native Marcus J. Guillory’s debut novel, "Red Now and Laters" (Atria Books; $15) which explores the little-written-about Texas Creole culture. While (too) many people mistakenly think that only Cajuns populated Louisiana and moved west to Texas, the diverse Creole culture preceded the Cajuns by nearly a century. Guillory describes the new book as "a coming-of-age" tale, "that tells the story of several generations of southwestern Louisiana Creole men that have a gift — in Louisiana we call them ‘traiteur’; you may consider them faith healers — each of them has a gift and each one of them chooses to use the gift differently, starting from the 1830s through 1991. So, you get to see them coming of age, trying to negotiate the environment around them, the changing times and dealing with spirituality." Guillory has worked as a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and producer for more than a decade. He also recently teamed up with LA radio star Garth Trinidad (89.9 KCRW) for the spoken literature/house music mash-up "Lit House." His next project will the spoken literature album, "Postcards From Strangers" on house music artist's Osunlade’s Yoruba Records. Check out the full article at:

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