Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop Calling Creole Culture "Cajun" - It's Not The Same Thang Part 1

Another local newspaper article about regional food/customs and another local newspaper writer misidentifying Creole as "Cajun." It's enough to make me spit-take my Cafe Du Monde Coffee with Chicory. Quick history lesson for foodies: France established the French Colony of Louisiana in 1682. The term "Creole" (meaning from the colony) was first used by French settlers to distinguish between anyone born in Louisiana and someone born "from away." Therefore, everyone born in the French colony (whether they were originally from France or not) would become known as Creole. Meanwhile, the "Cajuns" were the French-speaking farmers who settled in Acadia, Eastern Canada in and around the same time period. In short, Creole means Louisiana while "Cajun" means CANADA.

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