Monday, June 30, 2014


last week I was involved in a Hollywood-style car crash - broken collarbone, sprained wrist, neck, shoulder - everything hurts. these pain meds would feel a whole lot better if it wasn't for all this pain. good news from my kickass orthopedic surgeon, collarbone should heal properly on its own, just have to keep left arm in a sling for a while. have to go have an ultrasound done on some bruising - to make sure there's no internal bleeding, blood clotting, etc. wow - a Starksy Starsky & Hutch (TV series) episode I've never seen before? SWEET! (Cozi TV). rollin' like Bonnie & Clyde 2014 to make a pharmacy run - made off like Drugstore Cowboys. Café Du Monde coffee with chicory, filling out insurance forms, paying bills online, binge-watching Arrow. funny thing about wearing a sling - you get really good at one-finger typing.

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