Friday, June 10, 2011

In VAIN In The Membrane

SETX's best dance club is back with an upgraded upscale South Beach / Vegas makeover at the launch of Vain this weekend on Crockett Street in beautiful downtown Beaumont.

Formerly known as the Black Cat Lounge, the new "high-end" "20th century antebellum" style club adds go-go dancers, VIP sections, bottle service, chilly floor freezes, state-of-the-art lighting, and a dress-to-impress dress code. [Guys, leave the shorts, wife-beas, ball caps and flippie-floppies at home - and pull up your damn pants].

Owners Danny Molina and Jeff McCarson [Dixie Dance Hall, Tequila Rok, The Gig, Whiskey River and others] are vets of the local club scene with previous gigs like Phaz II, Rocky Octanes, Palladium and the Black Cat Lounge under their belts. [Besides Black Cat, my personal fave was EMPIRE - anyone else remember that?]

I dug the layout and overall vibe of the original Black Cat Lounge [and Empire] so I'm looking forward to seeing what sounds again like a serious attempt at a quality club - and very curious as to what the DJ has in mind for 2012 ... more to come.

Brent A. Snyder outro ...

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