Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sept 2010 [at Starvin Marvins and a couple of other places]

Sept. 1
Ten 26 @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 2
Framing Hanley @ Crockett Street.
John David Kent and The Dumb Angels @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 3
Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 4
Jack Edery and UltraSuede @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 8
Rick Danna @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 9
Jimmy Kaiser @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 10
Rich O'Toole @ Starvin' Marvin's,

Sept. 11
Lost Immigrants @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 15
Shan Branham @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 16
Brian Winfield and Bandera @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 17
Jerry Diaz and Hannah's Reef @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 18
Laserz, Gonzo Sirens, Murder and Laudnum, Entropy @ The Art Studio.
Dwight Yoakum, Stoney LaRue, Whiskey Myers @ Nutty Jerry's.
LoCash Cowboys @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 23
Saving Abel @ Whiskey River.
Cypress Station @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 24
Michael O'Neal with Pear Street Riot @ Starvin' Marvin's.
Jake Owen @ Dixie Dance Hall.
Asleep at The Wheel @ Nutty Jerry's.

Sept. 25
The Front Porch Band @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 29
Pug Johnson @ Starvin' Marvin's.

Sept. 30
Doug Stone @ Nutty Jerry's.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M.I.A. - XXXO (Remix) Ft. Jay-Z



My favorite song of the summer

el nook 8/11/10

Picks for the best of the new releases this week:


"The Murder Room" by Michael Capuzzo - The real-life "heirs of Sherlock Holmes" gather to solve notorious cold cases around the world.

"Eleventh Grade Burns: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" by Heather Brewer - Teen-age vampire goes to high school, hijinks ensue.

"The Vigilantes" by W.E.B. Griffin - Police are forced to form a special task force to combat rising vigilante violence in the big city.


"Date Night" - Steve Carell and Tina Fey join comedic forces in PG13-rated flick. Mike says it was good so check it out.

"Death at a Funeral" - Ensemble comedy features Chris Rock, Luke Wilson, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover and more. [R]. Not safe for daycare viewing.

"The Penguins of Madagasdar: New to the Zoo" - Erm, what? [Not Rated].


"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" - Beck provides the music for a faux indie rock band in this comic book movie featuring video game style action. Also features tracks by Frank Black, T-Rex, The Rolling Stones and more.

"Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" - The Jonas Bros. and Demi Lovato provide the star power in this Disney sequel. Also features tracks by Iron Weasel, Matthew "Mdot" Finley and Meaghan Martin.

"Come and Get It" by Eli Paperboy Reed - Down and dirty blues served up by an energetic [and screaming] young man.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

El Nook 8-4-10

Hola! From El Nook this week, the top picks for the best of the new releases in books, DVDs and CDs:


The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory - steamy historical romance thriller about the founder of the Tudors - by the author of The Other Boleyn Girl.

Death's Excellent Vacation by Charlene Harris and others - short stories about Death - includes a never before published Sookie Stackhouse story.

Angelina by Andrew Morton - trashy tell-all unauthorized bio of Angelina Jolie.

Warriors: Skyclan's Destiny by Erin Hunter - young readers' fantasy adventure about the secret world of cats - includes an exclusive manga adventure.

Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer - an underwater city, a giant squid and fairies collide in this fast-paced young readers' adventure.


"Kick-Ass" - what happens when people in the real world decide to don costumes and fight crime like their comic book heroes? They kick a LOT of ass. [R]

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" - the popular kids' book finally gets a movie adaptation - still waiting for the action figures - DVD includes Greg's deleted diary pages. [PG]

"The Ghost Writer" - Roman Polanski's thriller about a famous film director who drugs and rapes a minor then flees the country ... oh wait, that's real life. [PG13]


Tin Can Trust by Los Lobos - love this band and love this CD - includes "Burn It Down," "On Main Street," "Yo Canto," "Mujer Ingrata" and more.

Crowology by The Black Crowes - three of the band's greatest hits and a whole bunch of other songs - on two CDs - includes "Jealous Again," "Remedy" and "She Talks To Angels."

Tribal by Dr. John - New Orleans' music legend returns with bayou boogie blues in the follow-up to his Grammy-Award-Winning "City That Care Forgot."

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire - new CD from the media darling rock act - worth a listen.

Till next time, adios!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug 2010

Live SETX music

Aug. 2
Cavo @ Crockett Street

Aug. 3
El Floppy Tacos @ Madison's

Aug. 5
Bart Crow, Kyle Bennet @ Dixie Dance Hall

Aug. 6
Twangsters Union @ OB's Bar and Grill

Aug. 7
We Were Wolves, Cousin Phelpy @ The Art Studio

Aug. 12
Southern Spice @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 13
Ryan Davis, Stacey Steger, Dragan Alexander @ The Barking Dog Orange

Aug. 14
38 Special @ Isle of Capri Casino
Billy Poullard and The Zydeco Combo @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 19
Bomshel @ Dixie Dance Hall
Clint Faulk and Sherri Lynn @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 20
Knuckle Deep @ Pacesetter
Ken Marvel Band @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 21
Barry Badon and The Bayou Boys @ Larry French Market

Aug. 22
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Heart @ Ford Arena

Aug. 26
Clint Faulk and Sherri Lynn @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 27
Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins @ Larry's French Market

Aug. 28
Longneck Road @ The Barking Dog-Beaumont