Wednesday, July 28, 2010

El Nook July 28 2010

Here's what's on tap this week for the best in books, CDs and DVDs:


"Star Island" by Carl Hiaasen - the author of "Striptease" and "Hoot" introduces us to 22-year-old former teen pop star Cherry Pye about to stage a comeback after her latest rehab disaster [with the help of her "undercover stunt double" who stands in when the starlet is too wasted to be seen in public].

"Daniel X: Demons and Druids" by James Patterson - teen superhero Daniel X protects the Earth from fiendish aliens - this time having to jump back in time [to the middle ages] to save the day.

"Waking the Witch" [The Otherworld Series] by Kelley Armstong - another tough-as-nails tank-top-clad female paranormal investigator hits the supernatural scene. Charlene Harris and Richelle Mead give it thumbs up.


"Clash of the Titans" - Greek mythology gets a big-budget cgi overhaul in the remake of the classic fantasy film. Starring Liam Neeson as Zeus and that guy from "Avatar" in the Harry Hamlin role. [PG13]

"Repo Men" - Imagine "Repo! The Genetic Opera" as a straight up buddy action flick - Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star as repo men for a high-dollar organ clinic - you fall behind on your payments and guess who's called in. [R]

"Jesse Stone: No Remorse" - Tom Sellick brings the 'stache back as Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone - a former small town police chief called into another mysterious murder case. {Not Rated]


Michael Sarver - SETX's own Sarver, an American Idol Finalist[tm], delivers his debut country CD and his single "Ferris Wheel" hits the i-tunes country chart.

Clay Aiken - "Tried & True Live" - another American Idol summons the spirits of the Rat Pack with a cool set of standards including "Mack the Knife," "Moon River" and more.

Ringo Starr & His All Star Band - "Live at the Greek" - classic rock from a classy rocker - includes "With a Little Help From My Friends," "It Don't Come Easy" and "Give Peace A Chance."

El Nook

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesse Dayton page on CMT

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jesse Dayton On CMT

Jesse Dayton's new music video for "I'm Comin' Home" is now on CMT!

All proceeds from the new record go to help our injured soldiers w/ their medical bills.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

News From Jesse Dayton!

From the man himself, Jesse Dayton:

"Massive mutli-taskin' goin on round here. Producing the new Michael Des Barres record, filming "The Sinner" in Austin (we're doing green-screen filming at the crack of dawn tomorrow w/ the 50 Merc that Charlie Sexton's letting us use. Filming is lots of work, but also a lot of hurry up and wait for actors) and then we're working on scoring the film in the studio as well."

AND there was JD music in the June 27th episode of TRUE BLOOD on HBO. "Yep, that's a biggie for us considering how underground we are and how indie we approach everything."

"Obviously, it's not just me doing all this stuff. None of this would be possible without my team of peeps who keep all this goin. It's a full time job dealing with all the business and still trying to be creative. BUT I do love what I do and I'm lucky to be on the crest of a new business model run by musicians that doesn't require all the same old gatekeepers and politics...we create it, we make it, we print it, we sell it. The 80's & 90's are over folks, and recorded music is no longer a commodity like it once was. Hence the reason all these big corporate music companies are closing their doors. Most kids under 15 have NEVER EVEN bought a CD because they download it for free, or spend .99 cents on it directly from the artist, and slowly but surely, older people are learning this too. Me? I like it! And, now that CD's are goin by the wayside, people are actually buying WAX again. That's right, micro-groove 33 old school records baby. I heard on NPR that turn-tables sales have gone through the roof!"