Tuesday, March 2, 2010


March 2
El Floppy Tacos @ Madison's.

March 3
Jimmy Kaiser @ The West.

March 4
Clint Faulk and Sherri Lynn @ Larry's French Market.

March 5
Y2Steve, Black Sheep Radio @ The Barking Dog.
Research Turtles, We Were Wolves, The Shammies @ Hole in the Wall.
Ward, Bowen and Steinman @ Logon Cafe.
The Vettes and Mother Anthem @ AJ's Bar and Grill.

March 6
Unclassified Rhythm and Soul @ The Barking Dog.
Danny O'Flaherty, Ronnie Bennett and the Night Riders @ Logon Cafe.
Bryce Shaver Band, David Lee Kaiser @ Ford Park.
Bryce Shaver Band @ Madison's.

March 7
Sour Mash @ Hole in the Wall.

March 9
Kill Icarus, Silent Civilian, Blind Witness, Years of Red Skies @ AJ's Bar and Grill.
Jimmy Kaiser @ Goodfella's.

March 11
Kay Miller Trio @ Logon Cafe.
Silent Civilian, Years of Red Skies, Killjoy 72 @ Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

March 12
Brad Wells with Be Happy Stay Happy @ The Barking Dog.
Circuit Breakers @ Logon Cafe.

March 13
Stone Cold @ Logon Cafe.
Thanks for Socializing @ The Barking Dog.

March 15
Night and Day Orchestra @ Logon Cafe.

March 16
Givers, Jeff the Brotherhood, Gonzo Sirens @ Star Bar.

March 17
Old Trick @ The West.
Mid-Life Crisis @ Suga's.

March 18
Eli Young Band @ Dixie Dance Hall.
Common Grey @ Hot Topic [!]

March 19
The Rick Show with Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants @ Logon Cafe.

March 20
Dustin Ray and Southern Groove @ Larry's French Market.
Saratoga Lights @ The Barking Dog.
Onofatman @ Logon Cafe.

March 25
The Quartet with Dana Arterberry @ Logon Cafe.
Research Turtles @ Jack Daniels Bar and Grill.

March 26
Common Grey, Clairmont, The Get Down @ The Barking Dog.
Acme Bar Band @ Logon Cafe.
Billy Poullard and Zydeco Combo @ Larry's French Market.

March 27
Eagle Rider, Plastic Never Rusts, Cousin Phelpy, Wishdragon @ The Art Studio.
Jimmy Kaiser @ Spindletop.
Southern Sabbath @ Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Chris Miller and Bayou Roots @ Larry's French Market.
Fleft, The Go-T’s, Wishdragon, The Living Dead, Little Timmy McFarland from Flight 19 @ The Barking Dog.

March 30
Jimmy Kaiser @ Goodfella's.

March 31
Blue Broussard @ The West.

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