Friday, December 11, 2009

Steampunk Music

From MTV:

"And, of course, where would any self-respecting subculture be without its own music? While there's been much debate on the issue, steampunk-related music usually has orchestral characteristics, à la Rasputina, or it could also have a Tom Waits-esque metallic, gritty sound. A lot of steampunk bands offer amalgamations.

"Groups like the aptly named Vernian Process combine Victorian-themed lyrics with old-world instrumentation recreated on synthesizers to create old-world instrumentation while using Victorian-themed lyrics. "I [chose the band's name] because of Jules Verne, father of the genre and the process," the group's Joshua A. Pfeiffer said. "Vernian Process is like the process of making steampunk music."

"Another great example is Dr. Steel, a hip-hop steampunker. Draped in a white lab coat, clad with ironworkers' goggles, he uses technology to promote a message of peace via strict control. Fans are promised a Utopian Playland and sublime entertainment if they become a member of his "Toy Soldiers" fan group.

"Abney Park are probably the most visually mainstream band in the genre. With beginnings as a goth act, Abney found their calling as steampunk "airship pirates," and are happy with the musical vagueness of that designation.

"You can't really pigeonhole all steampunk as a music genre," bassist Daniel C. said. "We can do a Victorian [acoustic] music set or we can do our live [electric] set; two completely different sounds, but the focus is considered steampunk."

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