Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Of SETX 2009

Here we go - my list of personal favorites of the best in everything in-and-from Southeast Texas for 2009.

SETX Entertainer Of The Year 2009: Jesse Dayton [above]. [What a year for Jesse! Not only is he the best country singer from SETX, he's also the man behind Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures AND Banjo & Sullivan.]

Best SETX Song 2009: "Zombie A-Go-Go" by Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures [Jesse Dayton].

Best SETX Album 2009: "4 Life" by Bun B and UGK.

Best SETX Rock Artist[s] 2009: Drachen.

Best SETX Country Artist 2009: Jesse Dayton.

Best SETX Hip-Hop Artist[s] 2009: Bun B and UGK.

Best SETX Blues Artist 2009: Johnny Winter.

Best SETX Psychobilly Artist[s] 2009: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures [Jesse Dayton].

Best SETX Festival 2009: TIE - The Spindletop Film and Music Festival, and the Connect The Dots Music Festival.

Best SETX Band Reunion 2009: Mayday.

Best SETX Reissue 2009: TIE - Johnny Winter/Janis Joplin Woodstock Experience.

Best SETX Sports Team 2009: The Spindletop Rollergirls.

Best SETX Media Personality 2009: KBTV FOX 4's The Rapping Weatherman [Nick Kosir].

Best SETX Artist 2009: Keith Carter.

Best SETX Writer 2009: Jane McBride.

Best SETX Political Guru 2009: W Joe Deshotel.

Best SETX Pin-up photographer/model 2009: Laura Urban LaBove.

Best SETX Ninja 2009: Jody Ross Nolan.

Best SETX Pirate 2009: Cassie Simer.

Best SETX Web Site 2009: Connect The Dots -

Best SETX Radio Show 2009: Big Dog 106's Homegrown Show.

Best SETX Television Show 2009: KBTV FOX 4's "Good Day."

Best SETX Indoor Venue Since The Vortex Closed 2009: The Star Bar.

Best SETX Outdoor Venue 2009: The Art Studio Inc.

Best SETX Place For Breakfast 2009: The Early Bird Cafe.

Best SETX Eatery 2009: The Zydeco Louisiana Diner.

Best SETX Coffee Lounge 2009: The Barking Dog.

Best SETX Books/music/dvds/cafe 2009: Barnes & Noble.

Best SETX Movie 2009: "Noble Things."

Best SETX Performance in a Movie 2009: TIE - Jesse Dayton as Captian Clegg in Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" [above] and Tracy Byrd as himself in "Noble Things."

Best SETX Song Heard in a Movie 2009: TIE - Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures' "Transylvania Terror Train" in Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" and Banjo & Sullivan's "Dick Soup" heard in Rob Zombie's "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto."

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Steve said...

I remember when you and I both wrote for the UP at Lamar. That was before you and Jesse Dayton were a couple. The best music from SETX came from John Evans. At least you were right about Noble Things. You took a huge on chance on Johnny Winter as Best Blues Artist. And the morons at ctheds do nothing but refer to Rick Danna as Rick Dana and confuse the living shit out of Kinky Friedman.