Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jesse Dayton On Captain Clegg

Jesse Dayton:

"To Avoid Any Capt. Clegg & The Night Creatures Scandals…Here’s The Real Skinny On How It All Came About W/ Myself And Rob Zombie And What I Think It Will Be Like In The Movie: First Of All, Regardless Of What Any Naysayers Tell You, This Movie Is Not A “Remake”…It’s The Continuum Story Of Micheal Myers Seen Thru The Eyes Of Director/Writer Rob Zombie….In My Humble Opinion, And I’ve Been On The Inside Of This Movie And Have Seen Big Parts Of The Film Come Together….Compared To The Last One, It’s Gonna Be Waaaay More Hardcore And Disturbingly Scary….For Example: My Good Friend Lew Temple, (Who Played The Rapist Asylum Guard In RZs’ 1st Halloween And Was Also Adam Banjo In The Devils Rejects), Called Me The Other Day To Tell Me He Heard From Several Key Actors And Camera-Guys That “Rob Is Really Taking H2 To A Whole Other Level Of Horror-Insanity And How Stoked We Must Be To Be In It”…That’s A Solid Source Amigos, That’s Insider Buzz…."

"Now As Far As The Phantom Jam…There’s A Scene In The Movie, Where There’s A Concert Called The Phantom Jam….Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures Was Just A Name That RZ Thought Would Be Cool For The Band That’s In This Scene…He Could Of Got Just About ANY Band In The World To Do This….Metal, Punk, Some Poser Rockstars That Wanna Be In A Movie, Who-F’in-Ever?…..But I Had Already Worked On The Original Banjo & Sullivan Record W/ Him For The Devils Rejects So He Asked Me…Jesse Dayton From Texas Ya’ll And Have Played Guitar & Recorded W/ Everyone From Waylon Jennings To The Supersuckers….We Riffed On It And Talked About Possible Influences…RZ Would Say “How Bout Buck Owens Or Iggy?”….I Would Say “I Love The Sonics Or Johnny Horton!” ….RZ Said “Make It Girl Crazy”…I Said “Then We Have To Have Go-Go Dancers”….And To Be Frank, We We’re Just Having A Blast With The Whole Thing,(I Later Wrote Most Of These Songs In A Haunted Suite At The LaMothe Hotel On Esplanade St. In The French Quarter In New Orleans)…."

"RZ Called Over About 300 People,(They Were More Than You’re Regular Extras…This Crew Was Made Up Of Mostly The Elites Of The Horror Scene From Atlanta),And Had All Of Them Dressed Immaculatley As Halloween Party Ghouls And Famous Scary Monsters Thanks To Make-Up Genius Wayne Toth…Don’t Wanna Give It Away So I’m Not Gonna Go Into Specifics About The Set Where He Staged This Whole Thing, But It Looks Like We’re Playin In The Worst-Creepiest Nightmare You’ve Ever Had…All 400 Of Us, (Including The Crew), Worked Two 15 Hrs. Days On JUST This Scene And No One Bitched Or Whined Once…Anyhooch, Now There’s A Group Of “Phantom Jam Suvivors” That’s Popped Up Online,(W/ Crew And Extras), And It’s Just Great Hearing All The Stories Of How They Made It To The Set And How They Survived The Shoot…We Also Filmed Some Clegg Stuff In A Civil War Graveyard That Was Very Cool….But Clegg Is A Small Part Of The Movie…Zombie Throws This In Just Because He Loves Inventing Freak Show Musical Acts….It’s Cooler Than Say “Tito & The Tarantulas” In From Dusk Til Dawn Cause It’s Just More Hardcore And Nightmarish….Also, We’ve Built A Whole Alter-Ego Record Around This Character And Rob Has Decided To Release A Whole Capt Clegg And The Night Creatures Record Featuring Music From The Movie…..Rob And I Are Putting This Record Out Together Combining Both Of Our Teams….The Record Will Officially Come Out On Zombie A Go-Go/Stag Records Aug. 28th, The Week Of The Movie….Okay, That’s The Real Skinny…Now Be Prepared To Hear New-Raw Hybrids Of Music While Having The Living Shit Scared Out Of You!"

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