Monday, August 24, 2009

News From Capt. Clegg

-Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures Record out August 25th!

"Salutations Phantom Jammers, Captain Clegg here with a blood-soaked reminder that my debut album Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures as presented to you by Rob Zombie himself will be out on August 25th. You can preorder the album at or the Clegg website, Be the first on your block to be infected with Captain Clegg's sinister sound waves, August 28th!"

- Clegg Projects in the Works

"And now an update on some upcoming Creature Catastrophes in the works! Over the next few weeks we will be filming in and around my favorite Austin area haunts for the 'Day of the Dead' music video, which will be available exclusively through the iTunes store come the end of August. Also, keep on the lookout for more 'Cleggisodes', special video presentations, live performance videos, and of course Captain Clegg himself in Halloween 2 in all quality establishments on August 28th. If you haven't checked out our 'Zombie A Go Go' music video yet, drag your corpse over to our YouTube or Vimeo pages. Keep tabs on our whereabouts and our Transyvlanian tour with our Twitter Page and introducing our new monstrous Music Myspace. Lots in the works in the world of Captain Clegg - stay tuned Phantom Jammers and we'll be sure and continue to bring the horror ...."

- Clegg's Tour of Terror

"Tour dates are forthcoming but if there are any Phantom Jammers about with suggestions on what evilly independent theaters might be willing to host a Clegg show in their area please send us an email at We hope to be able to play with a screening H2 so if there are any interested parties who wouldn't mind a little blood-soaked rock and roll to cover their aisles with entrails, drop us a line. Until then, stay tuned Phantom Jammers, and beware ..."

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