Friday, August 28, 2009

Jesse Dayton Does CNN

(CNN) - You can't get through a conversation with Jesse Dayton without hearing a reference to Texas at least once.

He wears the name Beaumont, his birthplace, like a badge of honor and he rolls through a set list of stories about his musical collaborations in the Lone Star state with humble pride.

Dayton has earned a hard core following in Texas. But his recent collaborations with rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie have earned him an unexpected fan base - among horror movie fans.

Most recently, Dayton joined Zombie to record a soundtrack for the movie "Halloween II" as Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures - a gig that also earned him some time on screen.

Dayton spoke to CNN recently about his career and newfound fan base.

The following is a portion of that interview:

CNN: You have a lot of appreciation for Waylon Jennings.

Dayton: I was actually on a talk show in Nashville [Tennessee] and Waylon was cooking with his wife, Jessi Colter.

They were watching the show I was on because Kris Kristofferson was on. They saw me and called me the next morning and said, "Waylon cut his finger. He wants you to come down here."

So it was a total fluke. Waylon was like my Elvis, especially growing up. My earliest memories were my mom's 8-track in the parlor listening to Willie [Nelson] and Waylon.

CNN: You are not really part of the Nashville music scene. Why?

Dayton: I'm not intentionally staying away from what's going on in Nashville. I'm just being myself.

Texas is like a whole other planet. Bob Wills got kicked off the Grand Ole Opry. Willie Nelson didn't get on the radio until he left Nashville. There's a long history of that.

I don't put down Nashville. They're just doing what they're supposed to do, which is sell as many records as they can. But we've just learned that there's a whole crowd of people out there that love Johnny Cash but aren't into what they're playing on country radio. That's been the crowd we're attracting.

The cool thing we love about having a cult following is that radio and record companies can never take that away from us. It's something we went out and earned one fan at a time.

I love looking out in the crowd and seeing one guy with a cowboy hat on, one guy with long hair from the Rob Zombie camp and maybe some rockabilly kids.

CNN: What is the story behind your collaboration with Rob Zombie in 2005?

Dayton: He said, "Hey man, we're making the ultimate white trash horror movie called 'The Devil's Rejects.' We think your music would be perfect for it" which is kind of a left-handed compliment, I guess.

CNN: Now you're appearing in "Halloween II" and recorded a soundtrack for the movie?

Dayton: It's really fun for me.

We're taking on this whole identity of this band. The record's going to be called "Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures." [Zombie] would call me and say, "Hey, I got this idea for this song called 'Doctor Demon and the Robot Girl' " or [he would ask me to write] a sort of '60s country thing-meets Tom Jones.

CNN: Are you a good actor?

Dayton: Elvis said, "The only thing worse than seeing a bad movie is being in one."

I think the only thing worse than watching a bad actor is being one. I don't take it seriously at all. I'm just a musician who's there for color. If I can show up and be myself and not have to act? Perfect.

Monday, August 24, 2009

News From Capt. Clegg

-Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures Record out August 25th!

"Salutations Phantom Jammers, Captain Clegg here with a blood-soaked reminder that my debut album Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures as presented to you by Rob Zombie himself will be out on August 25th. You can preorder the album at or the Clegg website, Be the first on your block to be infected with Captain Clegg's sinister sound waves, August 28th!"

- Clegg Projects in the Works

"And now an update on some upcoming Creature Catastrophes in the works! Over the next few weeks we will be filming in and around my favorite Austin area haunts for the 'Day of the Dead' music video, which will be available exclusively through the iTunes store come the end of August. Also, keep on the lookout for more 'Cleggisodes', special video presentations, live performance videos, and of course Captain Clegg himself in Halloween 2 in all quality establishments on August 28th. If you haven't checked out our 'Zombie A Go Go' music video yet, drag your corpse over to our YouTube or Vimeo pages. Keep tabs on our whereabouts and our Transyvlanian tour with our Twitter Page and introducing our new monstrous Music Myspace. Lots in the works in the world of Captain Clegg - stay tuned Phantom Jammers and we'll be sure and continue to bring the horror ...."

- Clegg's Tour of Terror

"Tour dates are forthcoming but if there are any Phantom Jammers about with suggestions on what evilly independent theaters might be willing to host a Clegg show in their area please send us an email at We hope to be able to play with a screening H2 so if there are any interested parties who wouldn't mind a little blood-soaked rock and roll to cover their aisles with entrails, drop us a line. Until then, stay tuned Phantom Jammers, and beware ..."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Captain Clegg's Official Bio


ROB ZOMBIE presents CAPTAIN CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES (music from Halloween 2)


Captain Cushing Clegg was born in 1968 on a small farm in Sherman, Texas to Cushing Calvin Clegg, Sr and his wife Azel Winnie Donner.

"'Cushing was a royal terror around the sleepy town of Sherman," Dale Rhoades wrote in The Sherman Daily Journal. "When Cushing, Jr., was three or four years old, he walked into the his elementary school and announced that his name was now The Captain and could only be addressed as such. That was fine with his teachers and school mates, most of who were terrified of the wild, young boy; Cushing was The Captain from then on."

In 1987, Clegg moved to Austin and for a brief period co-hosted a radio show called The Howling Hootenanny. Then in the early 1990s, Clegg became a hearse driver for Gallows and Graves Funeral Parlor. It was on one of these midnight corpse runs that Clegg met the first member of his future band The Night Creatures drummer Baron Lancing Wounds. Lancing was working as a mortician at a competing parlor of death. The two struck up a friendship over their love of dead things and The Night Creatures were born. Soon, Clegg and Wounds stumbled upon an out of work gravedigger and part-time bass player named Lord Victor Ward. Ward was immediately drafted into The Night Creatures and the core of the band nucleus was complete.

The newly formed three-piece recorded a record called "Goat-Head Baby" for the Zoom label using the pseudonym The Cushings. Clegg used the pseudonym because he did not want the fact he recorded a rock n' roll tune to hurt his future spook country music career. The tune did little to boost their career but did get the attention of Dr. Zachery Gills, a steel pedal guitar master. The Doctor soon joined and the group was complete. Now know as Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures. The band began furiously writing tunes.

Cleggs career began to take off in 1995, when their song "Voodoo Island Swing" hit number 24 on the local country charts. A few months later, "Your Evil Spell " hit number 14, and then "Lady Frankenstein Blues" hit #8. On October 27, 2005 Clegg performed Redneck Vixen on local TV 18 Uncle Seymours Coffins Creature Feature. Uncle Seymour soon became a huge supporter of the band and often featured them on his highly-rated show.

Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures was named the most promising Spook Group of 2006 by Undertakers Weekly and their new single Dr. Demon and the Robot Girl was burning up the charts. The word was out on Clegg, they were hot and the underworld was ready to listen. The 2007 album Live From The Slab was a smash hit and further cemented Clegg as more than just another Honky-Tonk spook band. Clegg soon achieved crossover success on the Mexican pop charts with strange ballad called Day Of The Dead. In 2008, Steel Pedal guitar player Doc Zach left The Night Creatures only to be quickly replaced by the enigmatic Mr. Black. That year Captain Clegg had two more songs reach #1 on the Spook Charts, "Zombie A Go-Go" and "Honky-Tonk Halloween."

The future looks very dark for these master of maddening musical mayhem. Stay tuned and be afraid ... be very afraid.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Updated August Shows

Aug. 21:
Do Not Destroy at OB's Bar and Grill.
Evenkill at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Closet Drama and Co-Pilot at The Barking Dog.

Aug. 22:
Do Not Destroy at Madison's.
Circuit Breakers and The Cross Roads Band at The Logon Cafe.
Fathers on Parade, Ashlynn Ivy and Lights on For Safety at The Barking Dog.
Blower, Slow the Knife and Choke at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Aug. 25:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

Aug. 28:
Jack Edery and Ultrasuede at The Logon Cafe.
The Loch, The Canvas Waiting and Dewinter at The Barking Dog.
Hamilton Loomis at Madison's.
The Kingdom Mafia and Skanky Dave at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Aug, 29:
David Lee Kaiser and The Joint Chiefs at Madison's.
The Red Airplanes at Wesley United Methodist Church.
Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Logon Cafe.
Hollywood Black, Fiasco Joe, Y2Steve and Weredragon Scholars at The Barking Dog.
Skrump, Broken Within and Survive the Musical at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

I'm looking for listings at the Star Bar so if anyone has any, send them my way.

Star Bar At Crockett Street

Yep, the Star Bar has been picking up the slack for live music since the closings of The Vortex and Scout Bar ... and the reviews have been positive. Way to go.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Soundtrack Kicks Out The Jams Muthafuckas

Hell yeah! Rob Zombie's Halloween II – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Hip-O/UMe), released on August 25, 2009, and co-produced by Zombie, features dialogue from the film and music from Motorhead, The Moody Blues, Scream (sans future member Dave Grohl), Rod Stewart, the MC5 and Foghat, alongside Texas' own Jesse Dayton's new psychobilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

The new recordings on Halloween II – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack include “Transylvania Terror Train” and “Honky Tonk Halloween” from Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, who appear in the film.

The band’s leader, Jesse Dayton [from Beaumont and based in Austin] has played with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson, was part of the duo Banjo & Sullivan that performed in Zombie’s 2005 flick The Devil’s Rejects [and simultaneously released an album].

Rob Zombie Presents Captain Clegg And The Night Creatures (Stag/Zombie A Go Go) comes out August 28.

HALLOWEEN II Tracklisting:
1. HE’S F****** DEAD
2. NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN – The Moody Blues
7. JAM & JELLY -
10. (I KNOW) I”M LOSING YOU – Rod Stewart
11. D-E-A-D -
14. LAURIE’S THEME – John Five
16. TRANSYLVANIA TERROR TRAIN – captain clegg and the night creatures
18. HONKY TONY HALLOWEEN – captain clegg and the night creatures

Official Movie Site –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Trick or Treat –
Captain Clegg –

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Shows In August '09

Aug. 1:
Gonzo Sirens, Poppy Robbie and Fleft at The Barking Dog
Wasting the Day, Boggdown and Residue at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug. 2:
Michael McMahon at The Barking Dog

Aug. 6:
Dear Future and Lights On For Safety at The Barking Dog

Aug. 7:
Celia Carver and Olaf at The Barking Dog
Ward, Bowen and Steinman at The Logon Cafe

Aug. 8:
Mike Urquhart at MacKenzie's Pub.
Choke, Broken By The Burden and Slow The Knife at AJ's Bar and Grill.
Doofus at The Logon Cafe.
The Jamie Talbert Band @ Slow Rollin' Lows Summerfest
Mother's Anthem @ Toucans

Aug. 12:
Jimmy Kaiser at The West.
Rick Danna at MacKenzie's Pub.

Aug. 13:
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.

Aug. 14:
The Loch, Circle Birds and Lindsay Rae Spurlock at The Barking Dog

Aug. 15:
Southern Embers and Longneck Road at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Tyler Melashenko, The Cries Of, Michael-Paul Wright, Weredragon Scholars, The Statement and Reasons To Drink at The Art Studio
Ashlynn Ivy and Joseph Daily at The Barking Dog

Aug. 21:
Evenkill at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Closet Drama and Co-Pilot at The Barking Dog

Aug. 22:
Fathers on Parade, Ashlynn Ivy and Lights On For Safety at The Barking Dog
Blower, Slow the Knife and Choke at Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug. 28:
The Loch, The Canvas Waiting and Dewinter at The Barking Dog
The Kingdom Mafia and Skanky Dave at Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug, 29:
The Red Airplanes at Wesley United Methodist
Hollywood Black, Fiasco Joe, Y2Steve and Weredragon Scholars at The Barking Dog
Skrump, Broken Within and Survive the Musical at Outlaw Drinkin' Club