Monday, July 13, 2009

Updated July Gigs

July 14:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's
Darren McGill and Bronco Jr. at Dylan's
Todd Howard at Cajun Wharf

July 15:
Rick Danna at MacKenzie's Pub
Larry Tillery Band at The Place

July 16:
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub
Dana Knippa Jazz Band at Logon Cafe
Hunter Davis at The Barking Dog
Pandemic and The Blacksmithz at AJ's Bar and Grill

July 17:
The Vettes at Scout Bar
The Rick Show at Logon Cafe
Paper Plains at Luna Bar and Grill
Centerfire at Bullfrog's
Father’s Against Parades, Papermoons and Adam Floyd at The Barking Dog
Mason Down, Built For Speed and Coldshock at AJ's Bar and Grill
A Tragedy Lost and Carry The Storm at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
John Thibodeaux Band at Cotton's Cay
Meriwether with American Fangs and Sunrise Kills at Toucans

July 18:
J. Paul Jr. and the Zydeco NuBreeds at Orange American Legion Hall
Marcia Ball at Lake Charles Civic Center
Jack Edery and The Ultrasuedes at The Barking Dog
Wards of the State at Logon Cafe
The Gills at Luna Bar and Grill
Knocturnal Madness, Witness to the Fallen and Troublemaker at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Knuckle Deep at Scout Bar
Blues Tonic at Dylan's
Red November, Otenki and Mission Vs. Madness at AJ's Bar and Grill
Lazerz, Cousin Phelpy, The Shammies, Gonzo Sirens and Lotus Effect at The Art Studio
Phillip Glyn and Cheap Whiskey at Club 87
Near Death Experiment, Jonathan Stark, Aaron Lee Martin at Toucans

July 19:
Jonathan Stark, Aaron Lee Martin, Lomelda at The Barking Dog

July 20:
Night and Day Orchestra at Logon Cafe

July 23:
Ryan Gist at Logon Cafe
Dewinter and Blankberry at The Barking Dog
Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Aaron Watson and Jimmy Kaiser at Whiskey River

July 24:
Cracker Jackson at Dylan's
Jack Edery and Ultrasuede at Logo Cafe
MyNameIsJohnMichael and Red Letter Reverb at Luna Bar and Grill
Colorcast Veteran, Magnolia Sons and Paper Plains at AJ's Bar and Grill
Centerfire at Capistrano
The Kinship, Forever Falls and Viceroy at Scout Bar
Louisiana Scramble at Cotton's Cay
Daylight Broadcast, The Roaring 20s and Highline at The Barking Dog
The Twisted Saddle Band at Honkytonk TX
Johnny Raincloud at Toucans

July 25:
Flesh Hook, 12 Gauge Awakening and Illustrate the End at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Jack Edery and The Ultrasuedes at The Place
Danny O'Flaherty at Logon Cafe
Passenger and 6 Pack Deep at Luna Bar and Grill
Weredragon Scholars, Doug and The Local Wizards at The Barking Dog
The Space Rockers at Scout Bar
Mike Zito Band at Dylan's
The Research Turles and The Flamethrowers at AJ's Bar and Grill
The Twisted Saddle Band at Bullfrogs
Cracker Jackson at Toucans

July 26:
The Jim Rose Circus Vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Scout Bar

July 30
Stoney LaRue at Whiskey River
Tripp Wamsley and Matt Moss at Logon Cafe

July 31
Ian Moore and Podunk at Scout Bar
Image 6 and Pratice at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Tone Canvas at The Barking Dog
Devil and The Details at Luna Bar and Grill
Dustin Powell Trio at Dylan's
Longneck Road and Southern Embers at Logon Cafe
The Chris Johnson Band at Thirsty's
The 94s, Two Shots Fired and The Von Dukes at Toucans

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