Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poppy Robbie Remembers The Vortex

A must read.

Some bits:

"At my Vortex, you could walk inside at any given point and you were guaranteed to see someone who knew, if not immediately recognize everyone in there. It was at times a quiet and peaceful place where you could relax and simply hang out without the annoyances of standard bars. There were never any fights and never any drama. It was a fun and comfortable place to be where you were sure to have a good time and could forget about the outside world."

"The Vortex was quite possibly the most successful attempt at an underground local music venue in Beaumont and has brought through countless touring groups and has continuously held its doors wide open to local musicians to display their talent."

"A lot of people are going to miss the Vortex because they're losing a bar, I'm going to miss the Vortex because we're losing possibly the best venue we've ever had."


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Poppy Robbie said...

Hey, thanks for posting this here, Brent! I'm glad someone's reading my nonsense haha. Yeah, it's a real shame about the place... It's funny that a little building on 11th street was responsible for bringing in far more talent through Beaumont than that very expensive waste of space known as Ford Park has. So it goes...