Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes, There Is A Band Named Anal Cunt

More shows for April '09 ...

[April 16]:
Chuck Wicks and Jack Ingram at Whiskey River.
Mother’s Anthem and The Last Place You Look at Scout Bar.
Dana Knippa Jazz Band at Logon Cafe.
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.

[April 17]:
The Rick Show, Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at Logon Cafe.
Nothingmore, She Craves, The Boxy Brown at Scout Bar.
The Blind Pets at The Vortex.

[April 18]:
Bowel at The Vortex.
Strutter at Scout Bar.
Onofatman at Logon Cafe.

[April 19]:
Cold, The Killer and The Star, The Drama Club at Scout Bar.

[April 20]:
Night and Day Orchestra at Logon Cafe.

[April 22]:
John Guidroz at AJ's Bar and Grill.

[April 23]:
Charlie Robison at Dixie Dancehall.

[April 24]:
Wade Bowen at Whiskey River.
The Loaded 44s, The Von Dukes, Mothership at AJ's Bar and Grill.

[April 25]:
Metal Shop at Scout Bar.
Ashlynn Ivy, Adrienne Foster, Abigail Maynard at The Barking Dog.
Dolly Rockers at The Vortex.
Acme Bar Band at Logon Cafe.
The Cries Of, Algo Rithim, Tyler Melashenko, Some Kind Of Giant Mudfish, Gonzo Sirens, and more at The Art Studio.
Versanova, I Am Sparticus, Passenger at AJ's Bar and Grill.

[April 26]:
GG Shinn, Jerry LaCroix, Kelly Joe Cordova and the Whole Shootin' Match at the Orange VFW Hall.

[April 28]:
Anal Cunt and Strong Intention at The Vortex.

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