Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jesse Dayton To Appear In Rob Zombie's New H2

BIG NEWS - My good buddy Jesse Dayton [a rockin' SETX native] has some cool news on his MySpace blog. Check it out:

Jesse sez,

"Well it's finally official....last Fri. afternoon I inked a deal to be a part of Rob Zombies new Halloween movie called "H2." This deal will include me actually being in the film as the character "Captain Clegg," with my band also being in the film as "the Night Creatures." AND, a whole new alter-ego Halloween record of originals, that I'll start writing and recording this week, that will be distributed w/ the film and by Rob Zombie himself called "Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures." We leave to be on set in Georgia and start filming in 2 weeks. Zombie came out to our show at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood (we we're playing w/ Mike Ness) and offered us up the details that we we're gonna be working on the new Halloween movie. Regardless if you're a horror movie fan or not, last year's Halloween movie that Zombie wrote and directed was a huge success, becoming #1 at the Box Office and selling almost 2 million DVDs world-wide and was produced by the legendary Harvey Weinstein. How do I feel about it?....let the horror begin!"


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