Thursday, February 26, 2009

BIG ASS BEERS [oh yeah and live music too]

At The Scout Bar TONIGHT is rockin' SETX bands Cousin Phelpy, Barely Blind and The Status. It's all part of local rock radio station Big Dog 106's Home Grown Live Show. And The Scout Bar would like you all to know that there are also going to be BIG ASS BEERS! So designate a driver, y'all.

Video Killed The Blogspot Star

If you happened to be awake around 8:15 a.m. [and who the Hell is?] on Wednesday Feb. 25 and just so happened to be tuned onto KBTV Channel 4 on your digital television, you would have seen yours truly ... on the TV. In a suit. Clean-shaven. Hair combed.

Yes, it's true. I'm back in "mainstream media." Every time I think I get away ... they pull me back in.

I'll be appearing weekly on the morning news show, talking about the latest in books, CDs and DVDs. [And those new-fangled blue ray things].

The cast and crew down there are cool ... and it's still the best local TV station. Seriously. And dude, it's in the mall!

Maybe I can talk them into having live SETX bands on the show. That would be cool. And it would scare the shit out of the mall-walkers.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Bets Feb. 25-26-27-28

[Feb. 25]: The Evertronic at The Scout Bar.

[Feb. 26]: Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub; Big Dog 106 Home Grown Local Show Live at The Scout Bar.

[Feb. 27]: We Were Wolves, Cousin Plelpy, Algo Rithm, The Shammies and Sideshow Tragedy at The Vortex.

[Feb. 28]: In Search of Mercy, Deadly Obsession, Circle the Sky, Kill The Theory and We Took the Sky at The Art Studio.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drachen Concert! [Oh Yeah, Dokken Too]

Drachen will be ROCKIN' while Dokken I'll be MOCKIN' and Echo Lane ... well, dunno.

Best Bets Feb. 19-20-21-22

[Feb. 19]:

Roger Creager at The Dixie Dancehall.

Pop Evil, Aranda, Colorcast Veteran and Echo Lane at The Scout Bar.

Shat and Fister at The Vortex.

[Feb. 20]:

Kevin Fowler at The Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas [Port Arthur].

Sivan, Erase the Virus and The Boxy Brown at The Scout Bar.

The Flametrick Subs and Flamin' Hellcats at The Vortex.

[Feb. 21]:

James Otto at The Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas [Port Arthur].

The Hunger, Forever Falls, The Amorist and Daylight Broadcast at The Scout Bar.

The Blind Pets, The Murdocks, and Head Panic at The Vortex.

[Feb. 22]:

Wayne Toups at The Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas [Port Arthur].

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GEN-XX In Dallas Feb. 13

Gen from Genitorturers will be debuting her new hardcore electro project GEN-XX in Dallas, Tx this Friday the 13th at The Lizard Lounge [presented by the Church].

Hit her myspace site at:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Bets For Feb. 11-12-13-14

[Feb. 11]:

Powerman 5000, Ceres, Stale Mind and Warchild at The Scout Bar.

[Feb. 12]:
Joe Nichols at The Dixie Dancehall.
Royal Bliss at The Scout Bar.

[Feb. 13]:
40 OZ. To Freedom at The Scout Bar.
Ken Marvel and Swamp Rock at Larry's French Market.
Longneck Road and Southern Embers at The Logon Cafe.

[Feb. 14]:
The Scraps, Common Grey and Sunset Veil at The Scout Bar.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Sorry This Just Makes Me Laugh

Spit-take with my coffee laugh. [Flyer provided by The Scout Bar].

Bun B Preps Final UGK Album To Honor Pimp C

SETX native [and hip-hop superstar] Bun B announced his plans to finish up and release the final UGK [Underground Kingz] album, "For Life," March 31 on Jive Records - in honor of his partner the late Pimp C.

Bun B told MTV news: “This will be a good bookend to the legacy of myself and Pimp. And definitely take not just the group, but Pimp C, to true legend and iconic status. This album is not about who I wanna work with and what kind of beats I wanna do — this album is about what the people wanna hear, and that’s Bun and Pimp. And I wanna try to give that to them in the most purest sense.”

UGK's most recent release was "UGK" in 2007’s UGK release.

Uber-brief bio:
The dirty south gangsta rappers Bun B and Pimp C formed UGK [Underground Kingz] in Port Arthur, TX in the late ’80s and signed to Jive Records for their major-label debut album, 1992’s Too Hard to Swallow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jesse Dayton To Appear In Rob Zombie's New H2

BIG NEWS - My good buddy Jesse Dayton [a rockin' SETX native] has some cool news on his MySpace blog. Check it out:

Jesse sez,

"Well it's finally official....last Fri. afternoon I inked a deal to be a part of Rob Zombies new Halloween movie called "H2." This deal will include me actually being in the film as the character "Captain Clegg," with my band also being in the film as "the Night Creatures." AND, a whole new alter-ego Halloween record of originals, that I'll start writing and recording this week, that will be distributed w/ the film and by Rob Zombie himself called "Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures." We leave to be on set in Georgia and start filming in 2 weeks. Zombie came out to our show at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood (we we're playing w/ Mike Ness) and offered us up the details that we we're gonna be working on the new Halloween movie. Regardless if you're a horror movie fan or not, last year's Halloween movie that Zombie wrote and directed was a huge success, becoming #1 at the Box Office and selling almost 2 million DVDs world-wide and was produced by the legendary Harvey Weinstein. How do I feel about it?....let the horror begin!"

Upcoming Shows I Wanna See

All at The Scout Bar.

Best Bets For Feb. 4-5-6-7

Pictured above, SETX heavy metal band DRACHEN.

[Feb. 4]:
Black Stone Cherry, Steadlur, Faktion and Knuckle Deep at The Scout Bar.
Pretty Things Peepshow and The Scraps at The Vortex.

[Feb. 5]:
Lonestar Pornstar, Melovine and Swinging Theresa at The Scout Bar.
Cross Canadian Ragweed and Micky and The Motorcars at The Dixie Dancehall.
The Bart Crow Band at Whiskey River.

[Feb. 6]:
Drachen, Pandemic and Practice at The Scout Bar.
Jimmy Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns at Whiskey River.
Three Doors Down, Hoobastank, Seether and Safetysuit at Ford Arena. [That's a joke. I fuckin' hate Three Doors Down and Seether].
Outlaw Nation at The Vortex.

[Feb. 7]:
The Flamin' Hellcats and The Dollyrockers at The Scout Bar.
Bowel and Power Pellut at The Vortex.