Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Incoming From Olivia

Got a very nice e-mail from Olivia over at The Art Studio. Check it out:

Hello, Mr. Snyder!

I've got an event for you to post, if you so see fit.

The Art Studio's first band nite of the new year will be on January 17th, and it promises to be real fun. This show, like many of ours, will have a variety of musical acts, something for everyone.

Cousin Phelpy will be headlining, releasing their brand new EP, "Temporarily Sufficient." Nice Work are old friends of the Art Studio, and The Shammies are pretty new. Daniel Moore is coming down from Austin to play this show. And Obscene Orchestra is opening, so we really want people to show up early to see them if they can.

Show starts at 7:00, costs $5, all ages welcome. BYOB for people 21 and up with an ID.

Thank you so very much, sir!

-Olivia Busceme

Thanks for naming us best outdoor/gallery venue!

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BennyScrap said...

I will be there fa show!