Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 29-30-31

[Jan. 29]:
The Afterview, The Amorist, The Last Place You Look and Faktion at The Scout Bar.
Brandon Rhyder at Whiskey River.
Chip and Tony at The Logon Cafe.
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.
Rod Rishard at Larry's French Market.

[Jan. 30]:
Zona Jones at Whiskey River.
Brad Brinkley and Comfort Zone at Madison's.
Danny O'Flaherty at The Logon Cafe.
Pure Luck at The Vortex.
Metal Shop at The Scout Bar.
The Grateful Geezers at Larry's French Market.

[Jan. 31]:
Machine at The Logon Cafe.
Johnny Gossip at Madison's.
Adrian and the Sickness, Honky and Sour Mash at The Vortex.
Charles Mann and Streak at Larry's French Market.
We Were Wolves [pictured above], Cousin Phelpy and Parallel the Sky at The Scout Bar.

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