Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 22-23-24

[Jan. 22]:
The Last Starfighter, Paris Green and Kill the Theory at The Scout Bar.
Texas Renegade, Honeybrowne and Cory Morrow at Whiskey River.
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.
Clint Faulk and Sherrie Lynn at Larry's French Market.
Jason Custer and Buster Ellisor at The Logon Cafe.

[Jan. 23]:
Uptown, Soul Shock and Leaf at The Scout Bar.
Honkytonk Heroes at The Logon Cafe.
Forest Tradition at Whiskey River.
Brilliance at The Jefferson Theatre.
Dave Shaw and Eazy at Larry's French Market.
Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Loaded 44 and The Von Dukes at The Vortex.
Laurel and the Edge at Madison's.

[Jan. 24]:
Sour Mash, She Craves and Colorcast Veteran at The Scout Bar.
The Kris Harper Band at Madison's.
Deja Blues at The Logon Cafe.
The Scraps [pictured above] at The Vortex.

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