Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 16-17-18

[Jan. 16]:
JAG at Madison's.
"The Rick Show" with Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Logon Cafe.
The Flood at The Vortex.
Stale Mind, Barely Blind, Oliphant and Weirdo at The Scout Bar.

[Jan. 17]:
Duke and Velvet Brick at The Vortex.
Soul Vacation at Madison's.
The Spacerockers at The Scout Bar.
The Symphony of Southeast Texas featuring Spectrum at The Julie Rogers Theatre.
Judas Feet at The Logon Cafe.
Nice Work if You Can Get It, The Shammies, Daniel Moore and an as-of-yet-unnamed-band [formerly known as Obscene Orchestra] or so I'm told at The Art Studio.

[Jan. 18]:
Magnolia Sons and She Craves at The Scout Bar.

1 comment:

BennyScrap said...

Good for Weirdo from Houston. Saw them play a while back and they were actually pretty decent. Glad to see they got on a show that will have a large draw. Hope they're able to find some new fans there.

BTW, you're going to love our flyer for the show Brent.