Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 29-30-31

[Jan. 29]:
The Afterview, The Amorist, The Last Place You Look and Faktion at The Scout Bar.
Brandon Rhyder at Whiskey River.
Chip and Tony at The Logon Cafe.
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.
Rod Rishard at Larry's French Market.

[Jan. 30]:
Zona Jones at Whiskey River.
Brad Brinkley and Comfort Zone at Madison's.
Danny O'Flaherty at The Logon Cafe.
Pure Luck at The Vortex.
Metal Shop at The Scout Bar.
The Grateful Geezers at Larry's French Market.

[Jan. 31]:
Machine at The Logon Cafe.
Johnny Gossip at Madison's.
Adrian and the Sickness, Honky and Sour Mash at The Vortex.
Charles Mann and Streak at Larry's French Market.
We Were Wolves [pictured above], Cousin Phelpy and Parallel the Sky at The Scout Bar.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 22-23-24

[Jan. 22]:
The Last Starfighter, Paris Green and Kill the Theory at The Scout Bar.
Texas Renegade, Honeybrowne and Cory Morrow at Whiskey River.
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.
Clint Faulk and Sherrie Lynn at Larry's French Market.
Jason Custer and Buster Ellisor at The Logon Cafe.

[Jan. 23]:
Uptown, Soul Shock and Leaf at The Scout Bar.
Honkytonk Heroes at The Logon Cafe.
Forest Tradition at Whiskey River.
Brilliance at The Jefferson Theatre.
Dave Shaw and Eazy at Larry's French Market.
Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Loaded 44 and The Von Dukes at The Vortex.
Laurel and the Edge at Madison's.

[Jan. 24]:
Sour Mash, She Craves and Colorcast Veteran at The Scout Bar.
The Kris Harper Band at Madison's.
Deja Blues at The Logon Cafe.
The Scraps [pictured above] at The Vortex.

Happy Obama Day!

The President and First Lady are dancing to Beyonce. Sweet

Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Bets For Jan. 16-17-18

[Jan. 16]:
JAG at Madison's.
"The Rick Show" with Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Logon Cafe.
The Flood at The Vortex.
Stale Mind, Barely Blind, Oliphant and Weirdo at The Scout Bar.

[Jan. 17]:
Duke and Velvet Brick at The Vortex.
Soul Vacation at Madison's.
The Spacerockers at The Scout Bar.
The Symphony of Southeast Texas featuring Spectrum at The Julie Rogers Theatre.
Judas Feet at The Logon Cafe.
Nice Work if You Can Get It, The Shammies, Daniel Moore and an as-of-yet-unnamed-band [formerly known as Obscene Orchestra] or so I'm told at The Art Studio.

[Jan. 18]:
Magnolia Sons and She Craves at The Scout Bar.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Incoming From Olivia

Got a very nice e-mail from Olivia over at The Art Studio. Check it out:

Hello, Mr. Snyder!

I've got an event for you to post, if you so see fit.

The Art Studio's first band nite of the new year will be on January 17th, and it promises to be real fun. This show, like many of ours, will have a variety of musical acts, something for everyone.

Cousin Phelpy will be headlining, releasing their brand new EP, "Temporarily Sufficient." Nice Work are old friends of the Art Studio, and The Shammies are pretty new. Daniel Moore is coming down from Austin to play this show. And Obscene Orchestra is opening, so we really want people to show up early to see them if they can.

Show starts at 7:00, costs $5, all ages welcome. BYOB for people 21 and up with an ID.

Thank you so very much, sir!

-Olivia Busceme

Thanks for naming us best outdoor/gallery venue!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Kickback At The Vortex

If someone knows who the opening acts are, let me know.

Funniest Band Pic Of 2009 [So Far]

Um, yeah. At the Scout Bar. I heard The Scraps played there, so it must be an all right place.