Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Eve And Lil Wayne Too

Some New Year's Eve parties and an upcoming show:

Dec. 31:
Randy Balsano and Triangle at Judy's Rocks.
Butt Roxx at AJ's Bar and Grill.
Zona Jones at Whiskey River.
Todd Howard and Tightrope at Dylan's.
Paper Plains at Luna Bar and Grill.
Still Cruisin' at Madison's.
Sweet Root at The Hub.

And of course, on Jan. 5 [2010], hip-hop star Lil' Wayne appears in concert with The Money Crew, Sean Garrett and Lil' Flip at The Ford Arena in Ford Park.

The Real Sherlock Holmes

Another cool article from Alex Knapp:

“I have some knowledge, however, of baritsu, or the Japanese system of wrestling, which has more than once been very useful to me.”
– Sherlock Holmes

I am a huge, huge fan of John Varley, and I regularly read his commentary and reviews on his home site. However, I admit that I was a little dismayed at one of his latest commentaries, in which he completely dismisses the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film, sight unseen:

"Now I’m going to outdo myself and review a movie that hasn’t even been released yet. Now comes a movie even more dreadful in its concept than either of those loathsome things, a movie that almost makes me nauseous to even think about. Why? Because it is obvious from the trailer that they have turned Sherlock Holmes, one of the most cerebral characters in literature, into a rock-‘em sock-‘em action hero. In less than three minutes we see Holmes in a bare-knuckle fistfight, using things that resemble nunchucks, overpowering someone with some sort of kung fu moves, in a sword fight, firing a pistol in at least three different scenes, and in mortal combat with a hammer-wielding giant. We see explosions. We see a hair-raising fight on the precipice of an unfinished bridge. We see… Oh, I can’t go on."

What’s wrong with all those things, you ask? Nothing, in and of themselves. It is even possible that this will be an okay action-adventure film. But not with Sherlock Holmes!!

I have seen variants of these comments ever since the first trailer came out, and I have very strong opinions about it. I am a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I have read all of Doyle’s stories on multiple occasions, and have also enjoyed a number of the non-Holmes versions. I love Sherlock Holmes, I always have. So to Mr. Varley and all of the other folks complaining about an “action hero” Holmes, I can only say this:

What Holmes stories have you been reading?

Doyle’s Holmes is a fighter! In our very first introduction to Mr. Holmes, the story “A Study In Scarlet”, Watson describes Holmes as “an expert singlestick player, boxer, and swordsman.” In “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client,” Holmes is on the losing end of a stick fight. In describing his fight with Moriarty in “The Adventure of the Empty House”, Holmes reveals that he was able to defeat Moriarty in combat thanks to his knowledge of Baritsu. And there are several action scenes in the Holmes stories, such as this one in “The Red-Headed League.”

"Sherlock Holmes had sprung out and seized the intruder by the collar. The other dived down the hole, and I heard the sound of rending cloth as Jones clutched at his skirts. The light flashed upon the barrel of a revolver, but Holmes’s hunting crop came down on the man’s wrist, and the pistol clinked upon the stone floor."

Another revealing exchange about Sherlock Holmes’ physical prowess is this scene in “The Sign of Four”, which features Holmes’ exchange with the Boxer McMurdo:

“Very sorry, Mr. Thaddeus,” said the porter inexorably. “Folk may be friends o’ yours, and yet no friend o’ the master’s. He pays me well to do my duty, and my duty I’ll do. I don’t know none o’ your friends.”

“Oh, yes you do, McMurdo,” cried Sherlock Holmes genially. “I don’t think you can have forgotten me. Don’t you remember that amateur who fought three rounds with you at Alison’s rooms on the night of your benefit four years back?”

“Not Mr. Sherlock Holmes!” roared the prize-fighter. “God’s truth! how could I have mistook you? If instead o’ standin’ there so quiet you had just stepped up and given me that cross-hit of yours under the jaw, I’d ha’ known you without a question. Ah, you’re one that has wasted your gifts, you have! You might have aimed high, if you had joined the fancy.”

Now, I’ll grant you–Doyle’s Holmes did most of his fighting “off-screen” with little bon mots like “if it weren’t for my knowledge of stick fighting, I’d be a dead man…” but I don’t mind seeing it on-screen. It’s true to his character.

“It is cocaine, a seven-per-cent solution. Would you care to try it?”
– Sherlock Holmes

I’m also pleased to see that the movie isn’t trying to class Holmes up. Doyle’s Holmes is a self-described “Bohemian” and rampant drug abuser. Watson, on more than one occasion, describes his utter horror at Holmes’ housekeeping, describing him as “the worst tenant in London.” On more than one occasion, Holmes and Watson have to break into other people’s houses, and Holmes is described as being able to rather easily pick locks.

What is NOT true to Doyles’ Holmes is the popular TV and movie portrayals of him–which turned him into a classy, upper-class gentlemen. Holmes was not a “gentleman.” He wasn’t passive. He didn’t wear a deerstalker cap. He was great friends with the working class and while he had a lot of upper-class clientele, it’s clear that he didn’t care much for most of them. Doyles’ Holmes was more like an artist–a messy, drug addicted, self-absorbed, dirty fighting genius. I, for one, am looking forward to watching a screen adaptation that actually comes close to the Holmes that I’ve read about.


Holmes Haters

Great article here from Devin Faraci:

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are engaged in a mad chase up the river Thames. Their quarry is on a boat ahead of them, and as they pass by the many bridges of London, Holmes screams down to the men belowdecks to put more coal in the fire, as they must catch up. Just as Holmes' boat is about to get the bad guy, a tug blunders between them and they have an exciting near miss. Finally, Holmes' boat pulls up behind the bad guy boat and he and Watson raise their pistols. When the bad guy raises his hands, they shoot him. After he falls they realize he had just shot a blowgun's poisoned dart at them, and it barely missed, passing just between the two friends.

This isn't a scene from the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes but rather The Sign of Four, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's second Holmes novel, published in 1890.

There's a steady stream of Sherlock Holmes haters out there, and while I didn't find the movie transcendent by any means (I gave it a 7 out of 10), the complaints about the film's perceived lack of faithfulness to Doyle's creation kind of get on my nerves, especially when they come from folks who haven't seen the movie or folks who are obviously not familiar with the original stories.

Of course, being familiar with the original stories isn't necessary; I have read only a handful of Holmes stories myself. But coming out of Sherlock Holmes I found myself fascinated by what did and didn't come from the canon, so I began doing some research, and I found the film to be surprisingly accurate and faithful.

First of all, it's worth noting that Doyle himself didn't take the Holmes canon all that seriously. He wrote this things to make money, and his relationship with his creation was cantankerous enough that he killed Holmes off just to quit writing stories about him (Holmes, of course, came back to life when the fans complained enough. Every weird aspect of modern fandom - the continuity hounding, the fans making demands of the creators, fanfic, all started with Sherlock Holmes). The Holmes stories can be hard to reconcile, as Doyle never bothered keeping track of the details. For instance, Holmes is initially introduced as a guy who only studies stuff that would impact his criminal investigations, but as the stories went on he was retconned into being a connoisseur of the arts as well as versed in ancient languages, none of which would be of much use when tracking a murderer. In A Study in Scarlet Holmes goes so far as to say that he did not know the Earth revolved around the sun, as it had no bearing on solving a case.

The Sign of Four is one of a number of times when Holmes uses a pistol. In that same novel Holmes' bona fides as bare knuckle boxer. He introduces himself to a prize fighter like this: "The amateur who fought three rounds with you at Alison's rooms on the night of your benefit four years back." McMurdo responds by saying, "Ah, you're one that has wasted your gifts, you have! You might have aimed high, if you had joined the fancy." (thanks to Wikipedia for pulling that out)

Watson also makes mention of Holmes' talent with a sword, although he never uses one in the canon. He does use martial arts; in The Adventure of the Empty House, the story in which Doyle resurrected Holmes, the detective tells Watson how he defeated Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls - using the Japanese martial art of 'baritsu,' which is probably just a misspelling of the real martial art of bartitsu. It's fair to say that your familiar deerstalker cap-wearing Holmes (a note: he never wore a deerstalker cap in the books, although in Hound of the Baskervilles he does wear a hat with ear flaps) never busted out any karate.

Of course your familiar deerstalker cap-wearing Holmes fought the fucking Nazis. Basil Rathbone is seen as the quintessential pop culture Holmes, but his Universal Holmes movies eschewed the stories' Victorian setting and moved the action up to the then-modern day, World War II. In Sherlock Holmes in Washington Holmes is essentially a spy, and he's all mixed up in a case about missing microfilm. Obviously other Holmes films took plenty of liberties, but most of those are dismissed as parodies; the Rathbone Holmes, though, is widely considered the Holmes, and most images you see of the character are based on this guy. Who fought Nazis in World War II.

Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes actually does a remarkable job of being in canon. You can pinpoint where in the stories it takes place, as it depicts Watson moving out to be with his eventual wife, Mary Marston, who met during the events of Sign of Four. Holmes' wardrobe and personal style are also closer to the original stories than any previous version; Holmes lived as a Bohemian given to depressions (and drug use) between cases, and he also dressed in the height of fashion of the day - he was something of a dandy. Rathbone's Holmes had a stodgy air, while Robert Downey Jr's has a more faithful anti-authoritarian vibe. Obviously this doesn't make the film good, but it's all part of the care that went into making it fit into the canon.

The place where Sherlock Holmes gets away from the stories is the scope of the adventure, as well as the tone of the tale. While Ritchie et al may have brought the characters back to the original vision, they've certainly been set into a story that has more to do with the pulps of the 30s than the penny dreadfuls of the previous century. I think this is a valid sticking point for those who are purists, although I don't think it's any worse than transporting Holmes to World War II or ignoring canon altogether to depict his CGI-enhanced adventures as a teen. Whether Sherlock Holmes works for you as a movie on its own is one thing, but the film's faithfulness to canon can't be faulted - only your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes can be.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Of SETX 2009

Here we go - my list of personal favorites of the best in everything in-and-from Southeast Texas for 2009.

SETX Entertainer Of The Year 2009: Jesse Dayton [above]. [What a year for Jesse! Not only is he the best country singer from SETX, he's also the man behind Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures AND Banjo & Sullivan.]

Best SETX Song 2009: "Zombie A-Go-Go" by Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures [Jesse Dayton].

Best SETX Album 2009: "4 Life" by Bun B and UGK.

Best SETX Rock Artist[s] 2009: Drachen.

Best SETX Country Artist 2009: Jesse Dayton.

Best SETX Hip-Hop Artist[s] 2009: Bun B and UGK.

Best SETX Blues Artist 2009: Johnny Winter.

Best SETX Psychobilly Artist[s] 2009: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures [Jesse Dayton].

Best SETX Festival 2009: TIE - The Spindletop Film and Music Festival, and the Connect The Dots Music Festival.

Best SETX Band Reunion 2009: Mayday.

Best SETX Reissue 2009: TIE - Johnny Winter/Janis Joplin Woodstock Experience.

Best SETX Sports Team 2009: The Spindletop Rollergirls.

Best SETX Media Personality 2009: KBTV FOX 4's The Rapping Weatherman [Nick Kosir].

Best SETX Artist 2009: Keith Carter.

Best SETX Writer 2009: Jane McBride.

Best SETX Political Guru 2009: W Joe Deshotel.

Best SETX Pin-up photographer/model 2009: Laura Urban LaBove.

Best SETX Ninja 2009: Jody Ross Nolan.

Best SETX Pirate 2009: Cassie Simer.

Best SETX Web Site 2009: Connect The Dots - http://www.ctheds.com/

Best SETX Radio Show 2009: Big Dog 106's Homegrown Show.

Best SETX Television Show 2009: KBTV FOX 4's "Good Day."

Best SETX Indoor Venue Since The Vortex Closed 2009: The Star Bar.

Best SETX Outdoor Venue 2009: The Art Studio Inc.

Best SETX Place For Breakfast 2009: The Early Bird Cafe.

Best SETX Eatery 2009: The Zydeco Louisiana Diner.

Best SETX Coffee Lounge 2009: The Barking Dog.

Best SETX Books/music/dvds/cafe 2009: Barnes & Noble.

Best SETX Movie 2009: "Noble Things."

Best SETX Performance in a Movie 2009: TIE - Jesse Dayton as Captian Clegg in Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" [above] and Tracy Byrd as himself in "Noble Things."

Best SETX Song Heard in a Movie 2009: TIE - Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures' "Transylvania Terror Train" in Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" and Banjo & Sullivan's "Dick Soup" heard in Rob Zombie's "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Murder Of The Orient Express

It's the end of the line for one of the world's most classic forms of travel, the Orient Express. Established in the 1880's, the Orient Express rolled from London or Paris to Istanbul.

The iconic train makes it's last run today.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Steampunk Music

From MTV:

"And, of course, where would any self-respecting subculture be without its own music? While there's been much debate on the issue, steampunk-related music usually has orchestral characteristics, à la Rasputina, or it could also have a Tom Waits-esque metallic, gritty sound. A lot of steampunk bands offer amalgamations.

"Groups like the aptly named Vernian Process combine Victorian-themed lyrics with old-world instrumentation recreated on synthesizers to create old-world instrumentation while using Victorian-themed lyrics. "I [chose the band's name] because of Jules Verne, father of the genre and the process," the group's Joshua A. Pfeiffer said. "Vernian Process is like the process of making steampunk music."

"Another great example is Dr. Steel, a hip-hop steampunker. Draped in a white lab coat, clad with ironworkers' goggles, he uses technology to promote a message of peace via strict control. Fans are promised a Utopian Playland and sublime entertainment if they become a member of his "Toy Soldiers" fan group.

"Abney Park are probably the most visually mainstream band in the genre. With beginnings as a goth act, Abney found their calling as steampunk "airship pirates," and are happy with the musical vagueness of that designation.

"You can't really pigeonhole all steampunk as a music genre," bassist Daniel C. said. "We can do a Victorian [acoustic] music set or we can do our live [electric] set; two completely different sounds, but the focus is considered steampunk."


Looking For War Against Christmas In All The Wrong Places

One night at the bookstore, customer says to me "Merry Christmas" and I say "And a very happy Christmas to you."

"Don't you mean MERRY Christmas?" he asks.

I smile and say "Certainly sir, a very merry Christmas to you."

"What, they won't let you say CHRISTMAS in this store?" he asks.

"I did say Christmas," I reply. "Twice."

"Yeah, but the store doesn't really WANT you to say Christmas!" he said. "Everyone's AFRAID to say CHRISTMAS!"

I point to a large sign right behind me hanging above my head. In large red letters, it reads "MERRY CHRISTMAS."

"I don't think that's a problem here," I say with a smile. "We even have a selection of gift cards that say 'Merry Christmas' right on them - and a wide variety of Christmas books. Would you like to see them?"

"Go to HELL!" he said.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2010 Grammy Award Nominations

Announced 12/02/09

Song of the Year:
Beyonce, 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'
Kings of Leon, 'Use Somebody'
Lady GaGa, 'Poker Face'
Maxwell, 'Pretty wings'
Taylor Swift, 'You Belong With Me'

Pop Duo or Group With Vocals:
Black Eyed Peas, 'I Gotta Feeling'
Bon Jovi, 'We Weren't Born to Follow'
The Fray, 'Never Say Never'
Daryl Hall and John Oates, 'Sara Smile'
MGMT, 'Kids'

Best rock album:
AC/DC's "Black Ice"
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood's "Life from Madison Square Garden"
Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown"
Dave Matthews Band's "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King"
U2's "No Line on the Horizon"

Best rap solo performance:
Drake's "Best I Ever Had"
Eminem's "Beautiful"
Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)"
Kid Cudi's "Day 'N' Nite"
Mos Def's "Casa Bey"

Album Of The Year:
I Am…Sasha Fierce (Beyoncé)
The E.N.D. (the Black Eyed Peas)
The Fame (Lady Gaga)
Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King (Dave Matthews Band)
Fearless (Taylor Swift)

Record Of The Year:
"Halo" (Beyoncé)
"I Gotta Feeling" (the Black Eyed Peas)
"Use Somebody" (Kings Of Leon)
"Poker Face" (Lady Gaga)
"You Belong With Me" (Taylor Swift)

Best New Artist:
Zac Brown Band
Keri Hilson
Silversun Pickups
The Ting Tings

Best Country Song:
“All I Ask For Anymore” (Trace Adkins)
“High Cost of Living” (Jamey Johnson)
“I Run To You” (Lady Antebellum)
“People Are Crazy” (Billy Currington)
“White Horse” (Taylor Swift)

Best Country Album:
The Foundation (Zac Brown Band)
Twang (George Strait)
Fearless (Taylor Swift)
Defying Gravity (Keith Urban)
Call Me Crazy (Lee Ann Womack)

Best Pop Vocal Album:
The E.N.D. (The Black Eyed Pease)
Breakthrough (Colbie Calilat)
All I Ever Wanted (Kelly Clarkson)
The Fray (The Fray)
Funhouse (Pink)

Best R&B Album:
The Point Of It All (Anthony Hamilton)
Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics (India.Arie)
Turn Me Loose (Ledisi)
Blacksummers’ Night (Maxwell)
Uncle Charlie (Charlie Wilson)

Best Rap Album:
Universal Mind Control (Common)
Relapse (Eminem)
R.O.O.T.S. (Flo Rida)
The Ecstatic (Mos Def)
The Renaissance (Q-Tip)

... more to come.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Other Dec 09 Shows

Dec. 2:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

Dec. 4:
Paul Carpenter at The Barking Dog.

Dec. 5:
Kelly Clarkson and Eric Hutchinson at Ford Arena.
The Statement and Friends at The Barking Dog.

Dec. 6:
Lamarissimo at The Jefferson Theatre.

Dec. 10:
Neal McCoy at The Dixie Dance Hall.

Dec. 11:
Wayward Sons at The Barking Dog.

Dec. 12:
The Evertronic at The Barking Dog.

Dec. 14:
Jim Brickman at The Lutcher Theater.

Dec. 15:
The 94s at The Barking Dog.

Dec. 17:
Eric Church, Justin Moore and Aaron Watson at The Dixie Dance Hall.

Dec. 25:
A Very Kaiser Family Christmas at Whiskey River.

Fighting For Air

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Nov 09 Shows

Nov. 25:
The Jimmy Kaiser Band and Lee Pelly at Dylan's.

Nov. 26:
David Lee Kaiser and Jimmy Kaiser at The Pacesetter.

Nov. 27:
Mark Chesnutt at The Dixie Dance Hall.

Nov. 28:
Extra Man, Matthew Messer and Our Names at The Art Studio.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legion Comic Prequel

IDW Publishing is coming out with a prequel for the upcoming Legion:

"The movie prequel, co-written by the film's director Scott Stewart and Tom Waltz (Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward). Legion: Prophets, IDW's four-issue weekly miniseries, leads directly into the movie, setting the scene for an all-out war between Heaven ...and Earth.

"Legion: Prophets tells the story of four very different people from very different parts of the world, who become humanity's only hope to survive the Apocalypse. Stewart and Waltz chronicle the struggles of these ordinary people in the face of newfound powers and responsibilities.

Legion: Prophets #1-4 will be available in stores weekly.

President Obama At Fort Hood, Texas

Remarks by the President at Memorial Service at Fort Hood

Fort Hood - Texas - 1:55 P.M.

"But here is what you must also know: Your loved ones endure through the life of our nation. Their memory will be honored in the places they lived and by the people they touched. Their life's work is our security, and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. Every evening that the sun sets on a tranquil town; every dawn that a flag is unfurled; every moment that an American enjoys life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- that is their legacy.


"These men and women came from all parts of the country. Some had long careers in the military. Some had signed up to serve in the shadow of 9/11. Some had known intense combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some cared for those did. Their lives speak to the strength, the dignity, the decency of those who serve, and that's how they will be remembered.

"For that same spirit is embodied in the community here at Fort Hood, and in the many wounded who are still recovering. As was already mentioned, in those terrible minutes during the attack, soldiers made makeshift tourniquets out of their clothes. They braved gunfire to reach the wounded, and ferried them to safety in the backs of cars and a pickup truck.

"One young soldier, Amber Bahr, was so intent on helping others, she did not realize for some time that she, herself, had been shot in the back. Two police officers -- Mark Todd and Kim Munley -- saved countless lives by risking their own. One medic -- Francisco de la Serna -- treated both Officer Munley and the gunman who shot her.

"It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. But this much we do know -- no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor. For what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice -- in this world, and the next.

"These are trying times for our country. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the same extremists who killed nearly 3,000 Americans continue to endanger America, our allies, and innocent Afghans and Pakistanis. In Iraq, we're working to bring a war to a successful end, as there are still those who would deny the Iraqi people the future that Americans and Iraqis have sacrificed so much for.

"As we face these challenges, the stories of those at Fort Hood reaffirm the core values that we are fighting for, and the strength that we must draw upon. Theirs are the tales of American men and women answering an extraordinary call -- the call to serve their comrades, their communities, and their country. In an age of selfishness, they embody responsibility. In an era of division, they call upon us to come together. In a time of cynicism, they remind us of who we are as Americans.

"We are a nation that endures because of the courage of those who defend it. We saw that valor in those who braved bullets here at Fort Hood, just as surely as we see it in those who signed up knowing that they would serve in harm’s way.

"We are a nation of laws whose commitment to justice is so enduring that we would treat a gunman and give him due process, just as surely as we will see that he pays for his crimes.

"We're a nation that guarantees the freedom to worship as one chooses. And instead of claiming God for our side, we remember Lincoln’s words, and always pray to be on the side of God.

"We're a nation that is dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created equal. We live that truth within our military, and see it in the varied backgrounds of those we lay to rest today. We defend that truth at home and abroad, and we know that Americans will always be found on the side of liberty and equality. That's who we are as a people.

"Tomorrow is Veterans Day. It's a chance to pause, and to pay tribute -- for students to learn the struggles that preceded them; for families to honor the service of parents and grandparents; for citizens to reflect upon the sacrifices that have been made in pursuit of a more perfect union.

"For history is filled with heroes. You may remember the stories of a grandfather who marched across Europe; an uncle who fought in Vietnam; a sister who served in the Gulf. But as we honor the many generations who have served, all of us -- every single American -- must acknowledge that this generation has more than proved itself the equal of those who've come before.

"We need not look to the past for greatness, because it is before our very eyes.

"This generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have volunteered in the time of certain danger. They are part of the finest fighting force that the world has ever known. They have served tour after tour of duty in distant, different and difficult places. They have stood watch in blinding deserts and on snowy mountains. They have extended the opportunity of self-government to peoples that have suffered tyranny and war. They are man and woman; white, black, and brown; of all faiths and all stations -- all Americans, serving together to protect our people, while giving others half a world away the chance to lead a better life.

"In today’s wars, there's not always a simple ceremony that signals our troops’ success -- no surrender papers to be signed, or capital to be claimed. But the measure of the impact of these young men and women is no less great -- in a world of threats that no know borders, their legacy will be marked in the safety of our cities and towns, and the security and opportunity that's extended abroad. It will serve as testimony to the character of those who served, and the example that all of you in uniform set for America and for the world.

"Here, at Fort Hood, we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war, even in the comfort of home. Later today, at Fort Lewis, one community will gather to remember so many in one Stryker Brigade who have fallen in Afghanistan.

"Long after they are laid to rest -- when the fighting has finished, and our nation has endured; when today’s servicemen and women are veterans, and their children have grown -- it will be said that this generation believed under the most trying of tests; believed in perseverance -- not just when it was easy, but when it was hard; that they paid the price and bore the burden to secure this nation, and stood up for the values that live in the hearts of all free peoples.

"So we say goodbye to those who now belong to eternity. We press ahead in pursuit of the peace that guided their service. May God bless the memory of those that we have lost. And may God bless the United States of America."


God bless America and our men and women in uniform.

Angels Are The New Vampires Yo!



This web-site is so damn cool I'm thinking about just shutting mine down for good.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Star Bar Monday Night Nov. 3 - Free Moral Agents, The Amorist, Zechs Marquise And The Shammies

CtheDs Presents:

Free Moral Agents, The Amorist, Zechs Marquise, and The Shammies!

"On Monday, November 9th, Beaumont will welcome Grammy award-winning keyboard player, Ikey Owens, and his band, Free Moral Agents to the Star Bar on Crockett Street. Ikey is a member of progressive rock band The Mars Volta. In the past Owens was a member of The Long-Beach Dub All-Stars, Sublime, and De Facto. Joining Free Moral Agents on their journey to Beaumont will be El Paso natives Zechs Marquise. Zechs Marquise includes the two younger brothers of Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcel and Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez. Besides being in Zechs Marquise, Marcel is also a touring member of The Mars Volta and The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet. Beaumont based group The Amorist will be bringing their Gothic tinged Southern rock to the stage as well. Local dub/reggae/punk band, The Shammies, will provide entertainment between sets. Doors are at 9PM and the cover is $3. Show up early and stay late for a line-up that will satisfy fans of dub, progressive rock, reggae, and southern rock. Drink specials from 9PM-2AM. For more information visit CtheDs on the web." - CtheDs.

Monday, November 9th
Star Bar
214 Crockett St.
Beaumont, TX

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Other Nov. '09 Shows

In addition to the Nov. 4 We Were Wolves and Roky Moon & BOLT show at The Star Bar, other November shows include:

Nov. 9:
At The Star Bar with Zech Marque, The Amorist and Free Moral Agents.

Nov. 14:
At The Star Bar with Gonzo Sirens, Govers and Lights On For Safety.

Nov. 5:
Randy Rogers at Dixie Dance Hall.

Nov. 6:
Losers Reunion, Squint and Daylight Broadcast at AJ's Bar and Grill.

Nov. 7:
Jace Prince at The Barking Dog.
Flamin' Hell Cats at AJ's Bar and Grill.

Nov. 12:
LaRue at Dixie Dance Hall.

Nov. 13:
The Amorist, The Rocketboys, LightParade and Dewinter at The Barking Dog.

Nov. 14:
Sugarfoot at The Barking Dog.
When The Word Was Sound, Really Really and The Lochness Mobsters at AJ's Bar and Grill.

Nov. 19:
Roger Creager at Dixie Dance Hall.

Nov. 20:
The Loch, Dear Future and Deas Vail at The Barking Dog.

Nov. 21:
The Chase at The Barking Dog.
Red November at AJ's Bar and Grill.

Nov. 25:
Butt Roxx at AJ's Bar and Grill.

Nov. 26
David Lee Kaiser and Jimmy Kaiser at The Pacesetter.

Nov. 27:
Mark Chesnutt at Dixie Dance Hall.

Nov. 4 We Were Wolves With Ziggy

SETX rockers We Were Wolves shares the stage with Houston's Roky Moon & BOLT at The Star Bar on Crocket Street in downtown BMT Wednesday, Nov. 4. Chris Gray of the Houston Free Press describes Roky Moon & BOLT to a "dead ringer to Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie." Let's see.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Captain Clegg Flyer Art Gallery No. 3

A Very Special Episode

On Wednesday morning, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. I'll be on KBTV FOX 4's morning show "Good Day" to talk about what's new in Halloween books, CDs and DVDs. And I'll be in costume - as Steven Seagal.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Costume No Candy

Halloween Night Costume Party Round Up!

With The Scraps, The Shammies and Cousin Phelpy at The Art Studio.
With The Sabine River Band, Darren McGill and The Texas SpeedBumps at Crockett Street.
With Hello Chief and James Johnson at The Barking Dog.
With Longneck Road and Southern Embers at The LogOn Cafe.

Trick Or Treat!

Jesse Dayton On Captain Clegg

Jesse Dayton:

"To Avoid Any Capt. Clegg & The Night Creatures Scandals…Here’s The Real Skinny On How It All Came About W/ Myself And Rob Zombie And What I Think It Will Be Like In The Movie: First Of All, Regardless Of What Any Naysayers Tell You, This Movie Is Not A “Remake”…It’s The Continuum Story Of Micheal Myers Seen Thru The Eyes Of Director/Writer Rob Zombie….In My Humble Opinion, And I’ve Been On The Inside Of This Movie And Have Seen Big Parts Of The Film Come Together….Compared To The Last One, It’s Gonna Be Waaaay More Hardcore And Disturbingly Scary….For Example: My Good Friend Lew Temple, (Who Played The Rapist Asylum Guard In RZs’ 1st Halloween And Was Also Adam Banjo In The Devils Rejects), Called Me The Other Day To Tell Me He Heard From Several Key Actors And Camera-Guys That “Rob Is Really Taking H2 To A Whole Other Level Of Horror-Insanity And How Stoked We Must Be To Be In It”…That’s A Solid Source Amigos, That’s Insider Buzz…."

"Now As Far As The Phantom Jam…There’s A Scene In The Movie, Where There’s A Concert Called The Phantom Jam….Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures Was Just A Name That RZ Thought Would Be Cool For The Band That’s In This Scene…He Could Of Got Just About ANY Band In The World To Do This….Metal, Punk, Some Poser Rockstars That Wanna Be In A Movie, Who-F’in-Ever?…..But I Had Already Worked On The Original Banjo & Sullivan Record W/ Him For The Devils Rejects So He Asked Me…Jesse Dayton From Texas Ya’ll And Have Played Guitar & Recorded W/ Everyone From Waylon Jennings To The Supersuckers….We Riffed On It And Talked About Possible Influences…RZ Would Say “How Bout Buck Owens Or Iggy?”….I Would Say “I Love The Sonics Or Johnny Horton!” ….RZ Said “Make It Girl Crazy”…I Said “Then We Have To Have Go-Go Dancers”….And To Be Frank, We We’re Just Having A Blast With The Whole Thing,(I Later Wrote Most Of These Songs In A Haunted Suite At The LaMothe Hotel On Esplanade St. In The French Quarter In New Orleans)…."

"RZ Called Over About 300 People,(They Were More Than You’re Regular Extras…This Crew Was Made Up Of Mostly The Elites Of The Horror Scene From Atlanta),And Had All Of Them Dressed Immaculatley As Halloween Party Ghouls And Famous Scary Monsters Thanks To Make-Up Genius Wayne Toth…Don’t Wanna Give It Away So I’m Not Gonna Go Into Specifics About The Set Where He Staged This Whole Thing, But It Looks Like We’re Playin In The Worst-Creepiest Nightmare You’ve Ever Had…All 400 Of Us, (Including The Crew), Worked Two 15 Hrs. Days On JUST This Scene And No One Bitched Or Whined Once…Anyhooch, Now There’s A Group Of “Phantom Jam Suvivors” That’s Popped Up Online,(W/ Crew And Extras), And It’s Just Great Hearing All The Stories Of How They Made It To The Set And How They Survived The Shoot…We Also Filmed Some Clegg Stuff In A Civil War Graveyard That Was Very Cool….But Clegg Is A Small Part Of The Movie…Zombie Throws This In Just Because He Loves Inventing Freak Show Musical Acts….It’s Cooler Than Say “Tito & The Tarantulas” In From Dusk Til Dawn Cause It’s Just More Hardcore And Nightmarish….Also, We’ve Built A Whole Alter-Ego Record Around This Character And Rob Has Decided To Release A Whole Capt Clegg And The Night Creatures Record Featuring Music From The Movie…..Rob And I Are Putting This Record Out Together Combining Both Of Our Teams….The Record Will Officially Come Out On Zombie A Go-Go/Stag Records Aug. 28th, The Week Of The Movie….Okay, That’s The Real Skinny…Now Be Prepared To Hear New-Raw Hybrids Of Music While Having The Living Shit Scared Out Of You!"

For more, check out his newly updated site at:


Monday, October 26, 2009


Captain Clegg Flyer Art Gallery No. 2

Captain Clegg Flyer Art Gallery No. 1


Connect The Dots

More "Connect The Dots" shows planned:

Nov. 9 at The Star Bar with Zech Marque, The Amorist and Free Moral Agents.

Nov. 14 at The Star Bar with Gonzo Sirens, Govers and Lights On For Safety.

Dec. 3 at Ten with The Baked White Bread Comedy Hour and the CtheDs.com Launch Party.


News Flash - More Rain

The bayou is so flooded it's up to our back door! Got my Winchester with me in case any gators come into the kitchen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damn Phone

"Who the HELL is interrupting my kung-fu?"

Rock Against Torture

From Think Progress:

"In 2004, documents were released showing that FBI agents witnessed abusive treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay that included “detainees being chained to the floor for extended periods of time and being subjected to extreme heat, extreme cold or ‘extremely loud rap music.’” In fact, the use of loud music as “torture lite” has been a common tool employed at not just Guantanamo, but also at prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Last year, a coalition of musicians, along with British human rights charity Reprieve, created an anti-torture initiative called “Zero db” that sought to end the use of music in torture. Now, a new coalition of international musicians, including Trent Reznor, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Jackson Browne, Rage Against the Machine, Rosanne Cash, Billy Bragg and the Roots, is launching a new protest against the use of music used during torture and are joining the National Campaign to Close Guantanamo.

"As part of their protest, the musicians are supporting an effort seeking the declassification of all secret government records pertaining to how music was used in interrogations. From the group’s press release:

“At Guantanamo, the U.S. government turned a jukebox into an instrument of torture,” said Thomas Blanton, executive director of the National Security Archive, a freedom of information act organization that is assisting the musicians in seeking the documents. “The musicians and the public have the right to know how an expression of popular culture was transformed into an enhanced interrogation technique.” [...]

"On behalf of the campaign, the National Security Archive is filing a series of FOIA requests today seeking still-secret documentation from CIA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and FBI, among other agencies, pertaining to how the music was chosen and the specific role it played in interrogations of detainees at the base.

"For the musicians, Guantanamo is a symbol of the legacy of torture the Bush administration left behind. “As long as Guantanamo stays open, America’s legacy around the world will continue to be the torture that went on there,” said R.E.M. in a statement. “Guantanamo may be Dick Cheney’s idea of America, but it’s not mine,” said Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello. “The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me – we need to end torture and close Guantanamo now.”

“When we found out that music was being used as part of the torture going on at Guantanamo, shackling and beating people – we were angry,” said The Roots. “Just as we wouldn’t be caught dead allowing Dick Cheney to use our music for his campaigns, you can be damn sure, we wouldn’t allow him to use it to torture other human beings. Congress needs to shut Guantanamo down.”


Monday, October 19, 2009


U2 Lands Spaceship In Houston

... and some people thought that the Black Crowes at Ford Park was going to be the biggest rock show of the year.

Incoming From Capt. Clegg

From Capt. Clegg:

"The album "ROB ZOMBIE PRESENTS: CAPTAIN CLEGG AND THE NIGHT CREATURES" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and [at] CaptainClegg.com for Phantom Jammers to add to their collections. Soon to be available in the coolest and creepiest of record shops worldwide, there's really no excuse for not owning the record now - don't make us unleash the zombie horde."

"Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures will soon be on a nationwide tour with none other than the man himself, the head honcho of horror, Rob Zombie! Sure to the evilest of affairs, the tour will undoubtedly feature murder, mayhem, and those malevolent mistresses the go go gals featured in H2. Sin! Spooks! Sex! Psychobilly! Be there for the Rob Zombie world tour; dates coming soon!"

"Captain Clegg has been increasing his profile and spreading his dark influence all over the Internet the past few months and now's as good a time as any to check out the Facebook, Myspace Music, YouTube Channel, and Twitter Pages!"

"Request Captain Clegg on the radio! The Captain's lead single "Zombie A Go Go" is available for satellite and terrestrial radioplay, so if you'd like to hear the sweet sounds of sinister psychobilly pouring from your stereo, ring up your station and say, "Phantom Jammers have a craving for Captain Clegg!". Refer them to captainclegg.com or thenightcreatures@gmail.com for details!"

"Stay tuned for more details as they come rampaging in - onward Hardchargers!"


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheap Trick/Def Leppard Tour Done

From www.cheaptrick.com:

Due to unforeseen personal matters, the third leg of Def Leppard’s North American Tour with Cheap Trick, set to begin on October 22nd, has been cancelled. “We know how truly blessed we are to have such committed fans,” said the band in a statement.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Were Wolves Cousin Phelpy

Wednesday [Oct. 14] We Were Wolves and Cousin Phelpy appear at The Star Bar on Crockett Street in downtown Beaumont. According to Mike Molina this is to be the first of a series of Wednesday night SETX musiuc shows at the Star Bar. Show starts at 9 p.m. and cover is $5. A limited edition We Were Wolves/Cousin Phelpy 12-inch will also be coming out in the near future.


Some Other October Shows

Oct. 16:
Dewinter, Companion and William and Tyson at The Barking Dog.

Oct. 17:
Laurel and Electric Circus at Madison's.

Oct. 18:
The Black Crowes, Sevendust, Saving Abel, Halestorm and Forever Falls at Ford Pavilion.

Oct. 20:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

Oct. 21:
Mike Got Spiked at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Oct. 23:
The Roaring 20s at The Barking Dog.
JAG at The Star Bar.

Oct. 24:
Tracy Byrd, Tracy Lawrence, Zona Jones and others at Crockett Street.
Lights On For Safety, Adam Floyd and Ashlynn Ivy at The Barking Dog.

Oct. 26:
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at The Lutcher Theater.

Oct. 30:
The Toadies, Fastball and Magnolia Sons at The L'Auberge du Lac Casino.
Daylight Broadcast at The The Barking Dog.

Oct. 31
Colorcast Veteran, Paper Plains and Magnolia Sons at Luna's Bar and Grill.
The Kinship and Lee Pelly at Madison's.
Killjoy 72 and Daycast Theory at Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
The Scraps, The Shammies, Cousin Plelpy and Weredragon Scholars at The Art Studio.

No Tricks All Treat


If you haven't bookmarked this site yet, do it:


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Secret October

Some SETX shows booked for October 09 -

Oct. 1:
Jimmy Kaiser and Jerry Jeff Walker at The Texas Rice Festival.

Oct. 2:
Silent Civilian and Demonstration at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Oct. 9:
James Otto at The Dixie Dance Hall.

Oct. 10:
Lightning Woodcock at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Oct. 16:
Dewinter and Companion at The Barking Dog.

Oct. 18:
DOG JAM '09 featuring The Black Crowes, Sevendust, Saving Abel, Truth and Salvage Co. at Ford Pavilion.

Oct. 26:
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at The Lutcher Theater.

Oct. 31
Colorcast Veteran, Paper Plains and Magnolia Sons at Luna's Bar and Grill.

More to come as they are booked ...

Beaumont's Jesse Dayton's Capt. Clegg Music Video Directed By Rob Zombie

Monday, September 28, 2009

CHEAP TRICK & DEF LEPPARD To Rock Ford Park's Ford Arena

Following on the heels of Sunday night's Journey tribute concert, Ford Park announces that DEF LEPPARD and CHEAP TRICK with special guest MAN RAZE appear in concert at Ford Arena on Saturday, November 28.

Ranked # 31 on VH1’s “Greatest Artists of Hard Rock,” Def Leppard has sold 65 million albums. Their most recent album, "Songs from the Sparkle Lounge," debuted at number 5 on the Billboard charts.

With more than 5,000 performances, 29 movie soundtracks and 40 gold and platinum recording awards, Cheap Trick are ranked at number 25 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock." Cheap Trick recently released "Sgt. Pepper Live" and is touring in support of the acclaimed album "The Latest" and the single "Sick Man Of Europe."

And unlike the Journey show, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard continue to tour with the bands' original line-ups. Take THAT.

Ticket prices haven't been released yet, but they go on sale on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 10 a.m. at Ford Park Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

SETX's Jesse Dayton As Capt. Clegg And The Night Creatures Joins Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Tour


From Rob Zombie's blog: "The Hellbilly Returns! The Master of monster mayhem Rob Zombie will be destroying a city near you beginning this October 29th on The HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 TOUR. Not since 1998’s super smash triple platinum HELLBILLY DELUXE has Zombie hit the road under that moniker. So get ready to scream!

"This will be Zombie's first headline tour since 2007 and will have other ghoulish delights in tow including openers Nekromantix and Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures last seen rocking Haddonfield and Michael Myers in Zombie’s new film HALLOWEEN 2.

"The tour will usher in Zombie's forthcoming album HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 – Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool ... (Geffen), a companion to 1998 original.

"The tour will blasts off with Phoenix, AZ on October 29th, Las Vegas, NV on the 30th, and a very special Halloween event on the 31st in Hollywood, CA hosted by Uncle Seymour Coffins also seen recently in HALLOWEEN 2.

"Zombie will be accompanied by his longtime band mates -- guitarist John 5, bassist Piggy D, and drummer Tommy Clufetos.

"The HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 TOUR will mark Zombie's return to the road after much box office success as the writer and director of HALLOWEEN 2 (Dimension). His R-rated, animated feature, THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO, will also be available everywhere on DVD and Blu-ray September 22nd.

“I am bouncing off the walls like a mental patient”, says Zombie “ that tells me it’s time to take it to the stage and let the demons loose.”

"Selling over fifteen million albums worldwide, Zombie is one of Geffen Record's top selling and the longest running artists on the label. He has written and directed five feature length films, directed dozens of high profile music videos, contributed recordings to multiple soundtracks, and authored several comic books. HALLOWEEN 2 (2009) took hold of the box office recently, following-up his record breaking blockbuster re-imagining of HALLOWEEN in 2007. In 2005, Zombie assaulted the film world with the critically-acclaimed THE DEVIL'S REJECTS (Lionsgate), the follow-up to his already cult classic HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES (Lionsgate 2004).


Date / City / State / Venue
10/29/09 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
10/30/09 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl
10/31/09 Hollywood, CA Hollywood Palladium
11/3/09 San Jose, CA San Jose Event Center
11/5/09 Salt Lake City, UT Great Salt Air
11/6/09 Denver, CO The Fillmore
11/8/09 Tulsa, OK Brady Theater
11/11/09 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
11/17/09 Akron, OH Civic Theatre
11/20/09 Minneapolis, MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium
11/21/09 Des Moines, IL Val Air Ballroom
11/22/09 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
11/24/09 Louisville, KY Broadbent Arena
11/27/09 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
12/1/09 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
12/2/09 Boston, MA House of Blues
12/3/09 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
12/4/09 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
12/5/09 Washington, DC 9:30 Club


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Molly Atkinson Hauk's Photos - Connect the Dots

Last night - We Were Wolves, The Midgetmen, The Amorist, Death Is Not A Joyride, Cousin Phelpy and Ceila Carver. Tonight - La Snacks, Mothfight, The Roaring 20's, The Boxing Lesson, Gonzo Sirens and Justin Soileau ... all at the former Scout Bar on Crockett Street.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Some Sept. shows to consider:

Sept. 3
Casey Donahew and Curtis Grimes at The Dixie Dance Hall

Sept. 4
Magnolia Sons, Daylight Broadcast and Broadmore at AJ's Bar and Grill

Sept. 5
Hundred Proof and Zync at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Sept. 6
Smokey Robinson at Delta Downs

Sept. 8
Kris Harper and Matt Moss at Dylan's

Sept. 9
The Jamie Talbert Band at The West

Sept. 10
Jimmy Wayne at The Dixie Dance Hall

Sept. 11
CONNECT THE DOTS FESTIVAL with We Were Wolves, The Midgetmen, The Amorist, Death Is Not A Joyride, Cousin Phelpy and Ceila Carver at the former Scout Bar

Sept. 12
CONNECT THE DOTS FESTIVAL with La Snacks, Mothfight, The Roaring 20's, The Boxing Lesson, Gonzo Sirens and Justin Soileau at the former Scout Bar

Sept. 16
David Lee Kaiser at The West

Sept. 17
Boomarang at Gator Lounge

Sept. 18
Highlines at The Barking Dog

Sept. 19
Alternate Route, Danny Zimmerman and Honest Labor at The Logon Cafe

Sept. 23
Jimmy Kaiser at The West

Sept. 24
Reckless Kelly at The Dixie Dance Hall

Sept. 25
We Were Wolves at The Barking Dog

Sept. 26
Five Star Fiasco abd Mission vs. Madness at AJ's Bar and Grill

Sept. 27
Journey with special guest Night Ranger at The Ford Pavilion

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jesse Dayton Does CNN

(CNN) - You can't get through a conversation with Jesse Dayton without hearing a reference to Texas at least once.

He wears the name Beaumont, his birthplace, like a badge of honor and he rolls through a set list of stories about his musical collaborations in the Lone Star state with humble pride.

Dayton has earned a hard core following in Texas. But his recent collaborations with rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie have earned him an unexpected fan base - among horror movie fans.

Most recently, Dayton joined Zombie to record a soundtrack for the movie "Halloween II" as Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures - a gig that also earned him some time on screen.

Dayton spoke to CNN recently about his career and newfound fan base.

The following is a portion of that interview:

CNN: You have a lot of appreciation for Waylon Jennings.

Dayton: I was actually on a talk show in Nashville [Tennessee] and Waylon was cooking with his wife, Jessi Colter.

They were watching the show I was on because Kris Kristofferson was on. They saw me and called me the next morning and said, "Waylon cut his finger. He wants you to come down here."

So it was a total fluke. Waylon was like my Elvis, especially growing up. My earliest memories were my mom's 8-track in the parlor listening to Willie [Nelson] and Waylon.

CNN: You are not really part of the Nashville music scene. Why?

Dayton: I'm not intentionally staying away from what's going on in Nashville. I'm just being myself.

Texas is like a whole other planet. Bob Wills got kicked off the Grand Ole Opry. Willie Nelson didn't get on the radio until he left Nashville. There's a long history of that.

I don't put down Nashville. They're just doing what they're supposed to do, which is sell as many records as they can. But we've just learned that there's a whole crowd of people out there that love Johnny Cash but aren't into what they're playing on country radio. That's been the crowd we're attracting.

The cool thing we love about having a cult following is that radio and record companies can never take that away from us. It's something we went out and earned one fan at a time.

I love looking out in the crowd and seeing one guy with a cowboy hat on, one guy with long hair from the Rob Zombie camp and maybe some rockabilly kids.

CNN: What is the story behind your collaboration with Rob Zombie in 2005?

Dayton: He said, "Hey man, we're making the ultimate white trash horror movie called 'The Devil's Rejects.' We think your music would be perfect for it" which is kind of a left-handed compliment, I guess.

CNN: Now you're appearing in "Halloween II" and recorded a soundtrack for the movie?

Dayton: It's really fun for me.

We're taking on this whole identity of this band. The record's going to be called "Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures." [Zombie] would call me and say, "Hey, I got this idea for this song called 'Doctor Demon and the Robot Girl' " or [he would ask me to write] a sort of '60s country thing-meets Tom Jones.

CNN: Are you a good actor?

Dayton: Elvis said, "The only thing worse than seeing a bad movie is being in one."

I think the only thing worse than watching a bad actor is being one. I don't take it seriously at all. I'm just a musician who's there for color. If I can show up and be myself and not have to act? Perfect.


Monday, August 24, 2009

News From Capt. Clegg

-Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures Record out August 25th!

"Salutations Phantom Jammers, Captain Clegg here with a blood-soaked reminder that my debut album Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures as presented to you by Rob Zombie himself will be out on August 25th. You can preorder the album at Amazon.com or the Clegg website, www.captainclegg.com. Be the first on your block to be infected with Captain Clegg's sinister sound waves, August 28th!"

- Clegg Projects in the Works

"And now an update on some upcoming Creature Catastrophes in the works! Over the next few weeks we will be filming in and around my favorite Austin area haunts for the 'Day of the Dead' music video, which will be available exclusively through the iTunes store come the end of August. Also, keep on the lookout for more 'Cleggisodes', special video presentations, live performance videos, and of course Captain Clegg himself in Halloween 2 in all quality establishments on August 28th. If you haven't checked out our 'Zombie A Go Go' music video yet, drag your corpse over to our YouTube or Vimeo pages. Keep tabs on our whereabouts and our Transyvlanian tour with our Twitter Page and introducing our new monstrous Music Myspace. Lots in the works in the world of Captain Clegg - stay tuned Phantom Jammers and we'll be sure and continue to bring the horror ...."

- Clegg's Tour of Terror

"Tour dates are forthcoming but if there are any Phantom Jammers about with suggestions on what evilly independent theaters might be willing to host a Clegg show in their area please send us an email at thenightcreatures@gmail.com. We hope to be able to play with a screening H2 so if there are any interested parties who wouldn't mind a little blood-soaked rock and roll to cover their aisles with entrails, drop us a line. Until then, stay tuned Phantom Jammers, and beware ..."


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Captain Clegg's Official Bio

Website: http://www.captainclegg.com

ROB ZOMBIE presents CAPTAIN CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES (music from Halloween 2)


Captain Cushing Clegg was born in 1968 on a small farm in Sherman, Texas to Cushing Calvin Clegg, Sr and his wife Azel Winnie Donner.

"'Cushing was a royal terror around the sleepy town of Sherman," Dale Rhoades wrote in The Sherman Daily Journal. "When Cushing, Jr., was three or four years old, he walked into the his elementary school and announced that his name was now The Captain and could only be addressed as such. That was fine with his teachers and school mates, most of who were terrified of the wild, young boy; Cushing was The Captain from then on."

In 1987, Clegg moved to Austin and for a brief period co-hosted a radio show called The Howling Hootenanny. Then in the early 1990s, Clegg became a hearse driver for Gallows and Graves Funeral Parlor. It was on one of these midnight corpse runs that Clegg met the first member of his future band The Night Creatures drummer Baron Lancing Wounds. Lancing was working as a mortician at a competing parlor of death. The two struck up a friendship over their love of dead things and The Night Creatures were born. Soon, Clegg and Wounds stumbled upon an out of work gravedigger and part-time bass player named Lord Victor Ward. Ward was immediately drafted into The Night Creatures and the core of the band nucleus was complete.

The newly formed three-piece recorded a record called "Goat-Head Baby" for the Zoom label using the pseudonym The Cushings. Clegg used the pseudonym because he did not want the fact he recorded a rock n' roll tune to hurt his future spook country music career. The tune did little to boost their career but did get the attention of Dr. Zachery Gills, a steel pedal guitar master. The Doctor soon joined and the group was complete. Now know as Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures. The band began furiously writing tunes.

Cleggs career began to take off in 1995, when their song "Voodoo Island Swing" hit number 24 on the local country charts. A few months later, "Your Evil Spell " hit number 14, and then "Lady Frankenstein Blues" hit #8. On October 27, 2005 Clegg performed Redneck Vixen on local TV 18 Uncle Seymours Coffins Creature Feature. Uncle Seymour soon became a huge supporter of the band and often featured them on his highly-rated show.

Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures was named the most promising Spook Group of 2006 by Undertakers Weekly and their new single Dr. Demon and the Robot Girl was burning up the charts. The word was out on Clegg, they were hot and the underworld was ready to listen. The 2007 album Live From The Slab was a smash hit and further cemented Clegg as more than just another Honky-Tonk spook band. Clegg soon achieved crossover success on the Mexican pop charts with strange ballad called Day Of The Dead. In 2008, Steel Pedal guitar player Doc Zach left The Night Creatures only to be quickly replaced by the enigmatic Mr. Black. That year Captain Clegg had two more songs reach #1 on the Spook Charts, "Zombie A Go-Go" and "Honky-Tonk Halloween."

The future looks very dark for these master of maddening musical mayhem. Stay tuned and be afraid ... be very afraid.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Updated August Shows

Aug. 21:
Do Not Destroy at OB's Bar and Grill.
Evenkill at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Closet Drama and Co-Pilot at The Barking Dog.

Aug. 22:
Do Not Destroy at Madison's.
Circuit Breakers and The Cross Roads Band at The Logon Cafe.
Fathers on Parade, Ashlynn Ivy and Lights on For Safety at The Barking Dog.
Blower, Slow the Knife and Choke at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Aug. 25:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

Aug. 28:
Jack Edery and Ultrasuede at The Logon Cafe.
The Loch, The Canvas Waiting and Dewinter at The Barking Dog.
Hamilton Loomis at Madison's.
The Kingdom Mafia and Skanky Dave at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Aug, 29:
David Lee Kaiser and The Joint Chiefs at Madison's.
The Red Airplanes at Wesley United Methodist Church.
Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Logon Cafe.
Hollywood Black, Fiasco Joe, Y2Steve and Weredragon Scholars at The Barking Dog.
Skrump, Broken Within and Survive the Musical at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

I'm looking for listings at the Star Bar so if anyone has any, send them my way.

Star Bar At Crockett Street

Yep, the Star Bar has been picking up the slack for live music since the closings of The Vortex and Scout Bar ... and the reviews have been positive. Way to go.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Soundtrack Kicks Out The Jams Muthafuckas

Hell yeah! Rob Zombie's Halloween II – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Hip-O/UMe), released on August 25, 2009, and co-produced by Zombie, features dialogue from the film and music from Motorhead, The Moody Blues, Scream (sans future member Dave Grohl), Rod Stewart, the MC5 and Foghat, alongside Texas' own Jesse Dayton's new psychobilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

The new recordings on Halloween II – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack include “Transylvania Terror Train” and “Honky Tonk Halloween” from Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, who appear in the film.

The band’s leader, Jesse Dayton [from Beaumont and based in Austin] has played with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson, was part of the duo Banjo & Sullivan that performed in Zombie’s 2005 flick The Devil’s Rejects [and simultaneously released an album].

Rob Zombie Presents Captain Clegg And The Night Creatures (Stag/Zombie A Go Go) comes out August 28.

HALLOWEEN II Tracklisting:
1. HE’S F****** DEAD
2. NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN – The Moody Blues
7. JAM & JELLY -
10. (I KNOW) I”M LOSING YOU – Rod Stewart
11. D-E-A-D -
14. LAURIE’S THEME – John Five
16. TRANSYLVANIA TERROR TRAIN – captain clegg and the night creatures
18. HONKY TONY HALLOWEEN – captain clegg and the night creatures

Official Movie Site – http://www.halloween2-movie.com/
Twitter – http://twitter.com/H2_TheMovie
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/HalloweenII
Trick or Treat – http://www.h2trickortreat.com/
Captain Clegg – www.captainclegg.com

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Shows In August '09

Aug. 1:
Gonzo Sirens, Poppy Robbie and Fleft at The Barking Dog
Wasting the Day, Boggdown and Residue at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug. 2:
Michael McMahon at The Barking Dog

Aug. 6:
Dear Future and Lights On For Safety at The Barking Dog

Aug. 7:
Celia Carver and Olaf at The Barking Dog
Ward, Bowen and Steinman at The Logon Cafe

Aug. 8:
Mike Urquhart at MacKenzie's Pub.
Choke, Broken By The Burden and Slow The Knife at AJ's Bar and Grill.
Doofus at The Logon Cafe.
The Jamie Talbert Band @ Slow Rollin' Lows Summerfest
Mother's Anthem @ Toucans

Aug. 12:
Jimmy Kaiser at The West.
Rick Danna at MacKenzie's Pub.

Aug. 13:
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.

Aug. 14:
The Loch, Circle Birds and Lindsay Rae Spurlock at The Barking Dog

Aug. 15:
Southern Embers and Longneck Road at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Tyler Melashenko, The Cries Of, Michael-Paul Wright, Weredragon Scholars, The Statement and Reasons To Drink at The Art Studio
Ashlynn Ivy and Joseph Daily at The Barking Dog

Aug. 21:
Evenkill at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Closet Drama and Co-Pilot at The Barking Dog

Aug. 22:
Fathers on Parade, Ashlynn Ivy and Lights On For Safety at The Barking Dog
Blower, Slow the Knife and Choke at Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug. 28:
The Loch, The Canvas Waiting and Dewinter at The Barking Dog
The Kingdom Mafia and Skanky Dave at Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Aug, 29:
The Red Airplanes at Wesley United Methodist
Hollywood Black, Fiasco Joe, Y2Steve and Weredragon Scholars at The Barking Dog
Skrump, Broken Within and Survive the Musical at Outlaw Drinkin' Club

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scout Bar?

First The Vortex closes, now The Scout Bar? What's next?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Jim Rose Circus

July 26, 2009 - The Jim Rose Circus Vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts at the Scout Bar on Crockett Street in beautiful downtown Beaumont Texas. Unless the Scout Bar CLOSES or something.

Updated July Gigs

July 14:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's
Darren McGill and Bronco Jr. at Dylan's
Todd Howard at Cajun Wharf

July 15:
Rick Danna at MacKenzie's Pub
Larry Tillery Band at The Place

July 16:
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub
Dana Knippa Jazz Band at Logon Cafe
Hunter Davis at The Barking Dog
Pandemic and The Blacksmithz at AJ's Bar and Grill

July 17:
The Vettes at Scout Bar
The Rick Show at Logon Cafe
Paper Plains at Luna Bar and Grill
Centerfire at Bullfrog's
Father’s Against Parades, Papermoons and Adam Floyd at The Barking Dog
Mason Down, Built For Speed and Coldshock at AJ's Bar and Grill
A Tragedy Lost and Carry The Storm at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
John Thibodeaux Band at Cotton's Cay
Meriwether with American Fangs and Sunrise Kills at Toucans

July 18:
J. Paul Jr. and the Zydeco NuBreeds at Orange American Legion Hall
Marcia Ball at Lake Charles Civic Center
Jack Edery and The Ultrasuedes at The Barking Dog
Wards of the State at Logon Cafe
The Gills at Luna Bar and Grill
Knocturnal Madness, Witness to the Fallen and Troublemaker at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Knuckle Deep at Scout Bar
Blues Tonic at Dylan's
Red November, Otenki and Mission Vs. Madness at AJ's Bar and Grill
Lazerz, Cousin Phelpy, The Shammies, Gonzo Sirens and Lotus Effect at The Art Studio
Phillip Glyn and Cheap Whiskey at Club 87
Near Death Experiment, Jonathan Stark, Aaron Lee Martin at Toucans

July 19:
Jonathan Stark, Aaron Lee Martin, Lomelda at The Barking Dog

July 20:
Night and Day Orchestra at Logon Cafe

July 23:
Ryan Gist at Logon Cafe
Dewinter and Blankberry at The Barking Dog
Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Aaron Watson and Jimmy Kaiser at Whiskey River

July 24:
Cracker Jackson at Dylan's
Jack Edery and Ultrasuede at Logo Cafe
MyNameIsJohnMichael and Red Letter Reverb at Luna Bar and Grill
Colorcast Veteran, Magnolia Sons and Paper Plains at AJ's Bar and Grill
Centerfire at Capistrano
The Kinship, Forever Falls and Viceroy at Scout Bar
Louisiana Scramble at Cotton's Cay
Daylight Broadcast, The Roaring 20s and Highline at The Barking Dog
The Twisted Saddle Band at Honkytonk TX
Johnny Raincloud at Toucans

July 25:
Flesh Hook, 12 Gauge Awakening and Illustrate the End at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Jack Edery and The Ultrasuedes at The Place
Danny O'Flaherty at Logon Cafe
Passenger and 6 Pack Deep at Luna Bar and Grill
Weredragon Scholars, Doug and The Local Wizards at The Barking Dog
The Space Rockers at Scout Bar
Mike Zito Band at Dylan's
The Research Turles and The Flamethrowers at AJ's Bar and Grill
The Twisted Saddle Band at Bullfrogs
Cracker Jackson at Toucans

July 26:
The Jim Rose Circus Vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Scout Bar

July 30
Stoney LaRue at Whiskey River
Tripp Wamsley and Matt Moss at Logon Cafe

July 31
Ian Moore and Podunk at Scout Bar
Image 6 and Pratice at Outlaw Drinkin' Club
Tone Canvas at The Barking Dog
Devil and The Details at Luna Bar and Grill
Dustin Powell Trio at Dylan's
Longneck Road and Southern Embers at Logon Cafe
The Chris Johnson Band at Thirsty's
The 94s, Two Shots Fired and The Von Dukes at Toucans

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot Rods & Cold Beer

Texas Style Hot August Nites - Aug. 7-8-9 2009 in beautiful downtown Beaumont Beaumont Texas. Hot rods and cold beer are always a good combination, but will they do the right thing and book some rocking live music this year?


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Cyberpunk author William Gibson on Sarah Palin:

"Transitioning from politician to cultural idoru for a politically disenfranchised, permanently discontented ten percent of Americans."

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Own a television? See Brent A. Snyder between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. every Wednesday morning on KBTV FOX 4 - talking about the latest in CDs, books and DVDs.

Hippies Invade Scout Bar

July 09 Shows [So Far]

July looks a little empty without all the shows at The Vortex.

July 2:
Britt Godwin and Bubba Moore at MacKenzie's Pub.

July 3:
Gretchen Schmaltz and Sree Konda at The Barking Dog.

July 7:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

July 9:
Casey Donahew at Whiskey River.

July 10:
Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns at Whiskey River.

July 11
Adam David and The Freewheelers, Abigail Maynard at The Barking Dog.

July 18:
Knuckle Deep at The Scout Bar.

July 23:
Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Aaron Watson at Whiskey River.

July 24:
Daylight Broadcast at The Barking Dog.

July 30:
Stoney LaRue at Whiskey River.

Poppy Robbie Remembers The Vortex

A must read.

Some bits:

"At my Vortex, you could walk inside at any given point and you were guaranteed to see someone who knew, if not immediately recognize everyone in there. It was at times a quiet and peaceful place where you could relax and simply hang out without the annoyances of standard bars. There were never any fights and never any drama. It was a fun and comfortable place to be where you were sure to have a good time and could forget about the outside world."

"The Vortex was quite possibly the most successful attempt at an underground local music venue in Beaumont and has brought through countless touring groups and has continuously held its doors wide open to local musicians to display their talent."

"A lot of people are going to miss the Vortex because they're losing a bar, I'm going to miss the Vortex because we're losing possibly the best venue we've ever had."


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Captain Clegg Rocks


R.I.P. Vortex

Sure, Saint Michael is gone, but what I'm really upset about is that The Vortex has closed it's doors. A true loss to SETX.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jesse [Banjo & Sullivan] Dayton Stars As Captain Clegg In Zombie's H2

Beaumont's own Jesse Dayton stars as Captain Clegg in Rob Zombie's "Halloween 2" out this August. Check out the Captain's MySpace site:


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B.A.S. on FOX 4

See Brent A. Snyder between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. every Wednesday morning on KBTV FOX 4 - talking about the latest in CDs, books and DVDs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheap Trick Offers The Latest June 23

Cheap Trick is stepping outside of the label world to release its next studio album, “The Latest,” itself.

The veteran rock group will start taking pre-orders for the 13-track set, which it recorded during the past year mostly in Los Angeles with producer Julian Raymond, on Friday via its official web site, www.cheaptrick.com, and at Amazon.com. Those who pre-order will receive “The Latest” on June 23, the day Cheap Trick starts it summer tour with Def Leppard and Poison in Camden, N.J. Amazon will have exclusive rights for one month, and the album will also be available in limited LP and 8-track editions.

Dave Frey of Red Light Management tells Billboard.com that via Amazon and other database information, anyone who’s purchased Cheap Trick music, merchandise or concert tickets in the recent past will be notified about the album. Those buying tickets for the tour will also be able to purchase “The Latest” at a slight discount.

“We just want to sell it over time and not have it be all about making a big impact in the first few weeks,” Frey says. “We’ve got a lot going on with online marketing direct to people who have bought Cheap Trick things. We want to try to do as much direct to consumer activity as possible and do everything we can to remove anything that’s in the way of the band reaching the fans directly.”

“The Latest” is certainly an album likely to curry favor with the Cheap Trick faithful, filled with anthemic power pop tunes such as “Miss Tomorrow,” “California Girl,” “Alive” and a cover of Slade’s “When the Lights Are Out,” Beatlesque songs like “Miracle,” “Everybody Knows” and “Times of Our Lives,” and the power ballads “These Days,” “Closer…” and “Smile.” “We wanted to make a record that sounded like 2009, get something that sounds like us this year,” drummer Bun E. Carlos explains.

Guitarist Rick Nielsen adds that, “I think it seems like we kinda grew up but didn’t too old, ’cause musically there’s a lot of different aspects to it. When you hear something like (’Sick Man of Europe’), you think, ‘This can’t be the same guys.’ It sounds too energized for what people expect from somebody who’s been around as long as we have…But musically I think it sounds like we grew up a bit.”

Besides “The Latest,” Cheap Trick has also recorded a version of the “Transformers” theme for the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” soundtrack, which also comes out June 23.

Courtesy of Billboard.com

Saturday, May 30, 2009

June 09 Gigs So Far

June 4:
Seven Mary Three, Days of the New and Sponge at L' Auberge du Lac.
The Randy Rogers Band and Whiskey Myers at The Dixie Dance Hall.

June 5:
Days of the New at The Scout Bar.
Wayne Toups at Whiskey River.
Ward, Bowen and Steinman at The Logon Cafe.

June 6:
Twangsters Union at Honky Tonk Texas.
Wolfeblitzer and Straightfork at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Common Grey at The Vortex.

June 7:
Bryce Shaver and David Lee Kaiser at Madison's.
Curtis Breaux and the Cadillacs at The Pine Tree Lodge.

June 8:
The Roaring 20s at The Star Bar.

June 9:
El Floppy Tacos at Madison's.

June 11:
The Reckless Ones and The Throbbing Hotrods at The Vortex.
Aaron Watson at Whiskey River.

June 12:
Forever Falls, Aranda, In Search of Mercy, Paris Green and She Craves at The Scout Bar.
Foret Tradition at Whiskey River.

June 13:
The Al White Band at Honky Tonk Texas.
Whiskeydick at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

June 14:
Saliva, Adelita's Way, Pratice and Altar Ego at The Scout Bar.

June 15:
The Night and Day Orchestra at The Logon Cafe.

June 16:
Jimmy Kaiser at Dylan's.

June 18:
The Molly Ringwalds at L' Auberge du Lac.
Downfall 2012 at The Scout Bar.
Lions and We Were Wolves [pictured above] at The Vortex.
Honey Browne at Whiskey River.

June 19:
Hipboot Joe at Whiskey River.
Knight Train at Honky Tonk Texas.
The Lions, Mothership and Colorcast Veteran at AJ's Bar and Grill.
Drachen at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
The Amorist at The Barking Dog.
The Rick Show at The Logon Cafe.

June 20:
Nice Work If You Can Get It at The Barking Dog.
David Glenn at Honky Tonk Texas.
In Liquid and Trip Wamsley at AJ's Bar and Grill.
Epic and The Hectic at Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

June 21:
Skindred and Common Grey at The Scout Bar.

June 25:
Triggerproof at L' Auberge du Lac.
Rehab and Big B at The Scout Bar.

June 26:
Butt Roxx at AJ's Bar and Grill.

June 27:
Parabelle, Bury the Past, 32 Leaves and Straightfork at The Scout Bar.
Scraps of Life, Black Market Ministry and Survive the Musical at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Dewinter and William Gragg at The Barking Dog.
Better off Dead, High Top Kicks and Herrington at AJ's Bar and Grill.

June 30:
Evans Blue at The Scout Bar.

Last Weekend of May 09

May 29:
Wine and Alchemy at The Logon Cafe.
Curtis Breaux and the Cadillacs at Honky Tonk Texas.
Jack Edery and Ultrasuede at The Barking Dog.
Do Not Destroy at Madison's.
Magnolia Sons and Cousin Phelpy at The Vortex.
The Amorist, Magnolia Sons and The Rocketboys at The Barking Dog.
Barely Blind, Common Grey, The Get Down, We Were Wolves and Don't Shoot the Messenger at The Scout Bar.

May 30:
The Ken Marvel Band at Honky Tonk Texas.
Altar Ego and Mean Peace at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.
Metal Shop at The Scout Bar.
Larry Tillery Band at The Logon Cafe.
Cajun Harmony at MacKenzie's Pub.
Six Pack Deep at The Vortex.
Forever Falls, Parallel the Sky and Maven at AJ's Bar and Grill.
The Dustin Powell Band at Dylan's,
Phillip Glyn and Cheap Whiskey at Club 87.
The Loaded 44 and Ashes of Babylon at The Luna Bar and Grill.

May 31:
Cajun Harmony at The Pine Tree Lodge.
The Last Starfighter, Spoken, In Search of Mercy and Kill the Theory at The Doorway.
Scott McGill at Judy's Rocks.