Monday, December 15, 2008

The War On "Merry"

At the shop the other day I noticed a customer was wearing a button that declared "I STILL SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS" on it in bold red letters.

As I was ringing her out, I cheerfully said, "And have a very happy Christmas." [I was in the holiday mood, you know?]

She stopped in her tracks, turned back to me and said, "You should say MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

"Pardon?" I asked.

"I said you should say MERRY CHRISTMAS!" she said. "Not too many people say it anymore you know!"

I paused.

"But I did wish you a very happy Christmas," I said, ever so politely and as sincere as can be.

"BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY MERRY!" she insisted.

I smiled, waved goodbye and did my best not to burst out laughing.

Later, a co-worker said that I should have replied "Merry holidays" - but you know, I didn't want to let the Grinch spoil my "Peace On Earth" vibe.

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Greg Hayes said...

People are so stupid sometimes.