Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best Of SETX 2008

As 2008 draws to a close, I offer some picks for the best stuff:

Best new SETX artist of 2008 - Cousin Phelpy.

Best SETX rock artists of 2008 - [TIED] The Scraps / We Were Wolves.

Best SETX country artist of 2008 - Jesse Dayton.

Best SETX hip-hop artist of 2008 - Bun B.

Best SETX blues artist of 2008 - Pete Mayes.

Best SETX zydeco artist of 2008 - C.J. Chenier.

Best SETX heavy metal artist of 2008 - Drachen.

Best SETX classic rock artist of 2008 - Fictive Kin.

Best SETX punk rock artist of 2008 - Wormdirt.

Best SETX surf rock artist of 2008 - Molly Maguires.

Best SETX electronic artist of 2008 - JapaneseCarcrash.

Best SETX artist comeback of 2008 - K.F.G.

Best SETX "final show" of 2008 - Joe Jitsu.

Best SETX artist to watch in 2009 - Obscene Orchestra.

Best SETX indoor/nightclub live venue of 2008 - The Vortex.

Best SETX outdoor/gallery live venue of 2008 - The Art Studio.

Best SETX after hours spot of 2008 - Waffle House.

Best SETX restroom graffiti - The Vortex.

Best SETX media of 2008 - Big Dog 106's Home Grown Local Show.

Best SETX Web site of 2008 - Local Music Guide at

Best SETX blog of 2008 - Ramblings at

Best SETX MySpace site of 2008 - Beaumont Underground at

Congrats to all the winners! See ya next year!


jake hooker said...

you're a sweetheart! and one with good taste, if i do say so myself...

BennyScrap said...

There's only one thing wrong. There's no way that The Scraps and WWW are on the same level. The Scraps totally decimate WWW, Jake! But their bassist is a sexy bitch...

Brent Snyder said...

Obviously we need a grudge match. In [vodka-laced] Jello.

BennyScrap said...

I'm completely game for that. As long as we don't have to be nekid. Board shorts and wife-beaters will be just fine. And I think we should both do five shots of Jack Daniels before we wrestle with no food in our system. Shots will be paid for by Brent Snyder! Hooray, thanks Brent!