Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Best Of The Rest Of 08

[Dec. 11]: Kevin Fowler and Granger Smith at Whiskey River; Wine and Alchemy at the Logon Cafe. Yeah, they're still running those Whiskey River TV ads with the Stepford clones. Creepy.

[Dec. 12]: Tom Hunter and the Sharp Shooter Band at the Logon Cafe; Rainchild and Knotch at the Scout Bar; The Vettes and The Evertronic at the Vortex.

[Dec. 13]: Onofatman at the Logon Cafe; The Jimmy Kaiser Band at Madison's; Sivan, The Dollyrockers and Kill the Theory at the Scout Bar; David Lee Kaiser at Madison's; We Were Wolves, Cousin Phelpy and Sour Mash at the Vortex.

[Dec. 14]: Structure, Weirdo and Colorcast Veteran at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 15]: The Night and Day Orchestra at the Logon Cafe. I haven't heard them but I with the word "orchestra" in their name it sounds like an event, doesn't it?

[Dec. 16]: El Floppy Tacos at Madison's. Damn it. Now I have the munchies. Fuckers.

[Dec. 17]: Trust Company at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 18]: Randy Rogers, David Lee Kaiser and the Joint Chiefs at Whiskey River.

[Dec. 19]: The Rick Show, Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at the Logon Cafe; The Flamin' Hellcats at the Vortex; Forever Falls, Uptown, and Parallel the Sky at the Scout Bar.
[Dec. 20]: David Martinez and Avenue B at the Logon Cafe; Soul Vacation at Madison's; Knuckle Deep, Sour Mash, and Colorcast Veteran at the Scout Bar; Sam Suicide at the Vortex.

[Dec 21]: Stale Mind, Glory Glory and Ceres at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 22]: Danny O'Flaherty at the Logon Cafe. I saw him at an Irish pub in New Orleans and thought he was awesome. I was pretty drunk that night, but still ... good times.

[Dec. 23]: The Ed Dix Jazz Quintet at MacKenzie's Pub.

[Dec. 24]: Mike Zito at the Gator Lounge.

[Dec. 25]: The Kaiser Brothers Christmas at Whiskey River. See, they should have called it "The Kaiser Brothers Christmas Special" or "A Kaiser Brothers Very Special Christmas." And they could have shot a commercial with the Stepford clones in matching elf costumes. I'm just sayin.'

[Dec. 26]: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and Robert Earl Keen at Whiskey River; Robert Frith at Madison's.

[Dec. 27]: Book of Days at the Logon Cafe; Vallejo at the Scout Bar; Johnny Gossip at Madison's.

[Dec. 28]: The Toadies at the Scout Bar. Dude. Were you at that Toadies show at Palladium [or was it Club Empire then] in downtown Beaumont way back when? The guitarist was wearing a Cheap Trick t-shirt and I had that same fucking T-shirt in high school! Remember that dude hanging from the light fixture in the ceiling? And I got so drunk that I threw up in the parking lot after the show? Best. Concert. Ever.

[Dec. 30]: The Eli Young Band and the Jamie Talbert Band at Whiskey River.

[Dec. 31]: The Kris Harper Band at Madison's; Totally Trash and The Evertronic at the Vortex.

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