Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marked For Death

I met a cool guy at the shop today during my shift. He was from Chicago and I told him I lived up near Joliet from the 5th grade through high school. He said, "Oh ... I was in the CITY" and I laughed and said "Yeah, I was in the ..."

We both said "suburbs." It was funny at the time.

We started talking about our tattoos and I told him one of my favorites was the lucky 13 skull and crossbones on a spider web that my pal Omar did on my left arm when he was at Gill "The Drill" Montie's World Famous TattooMania in downtown Beaumont. [Texas, that is].

My new friend said, "What, did you used to be a gang-banger?"

And I said "No, just a punk rocker."

He said, "In Chicago, that could have got you killed. If the wrong Mexicans see that, they'll shoot you."


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