Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Box Set

Robbie shot an e-mail over. Here it is:

"Heyheyhey, hows it going sir? Just writing to let you know that my new group/duo The Box Set will be playing our first Beaumont show Saturday Night at the Art Studio (11/22). Some bands cancelled and they were looking for replacements, so we decided "eh, why not?" Just thought I'd give a heads up, all the info is on their page at thanky, thanky! see ya,"



poppyrobbie said...

I like how you left out the rest of the email, which went on in great length to describe my infatuation with the letter "O" and how I'm convinced that if said enough times while standing in a doorway or road, a magical bird will drop down from the sky (and possibly through your ceiling if you decided to take the "doorway approach")and bring little foil-wrapped gifts of chocolate joy and happiness into your life.

That, and the little bit at the end about how I'm thinking seriously about purchasing a new candle...

This whole show business you posted is just taken COMPLETELY out of context! How is anyone supposed to know what I meant without also knowing about the birds and candle?

GEEZ! THE NERVE! My lawyers will be contacting you this afternoon to discuss how you can make me feel better about all this by giving me large KFC buckets full of cash monies.


Brent Snyder said...