Friday, August 29, 2008

Rage Against The Machine To Rock During Republican National Convention

MTV News:

It's a safe bet that few of the attendees of the upcoming Republican National Convention (September 1-4) in St. Paul, Minnesota, will take a break from the expected coronation of Senator John McCain as the party's presidential hopeful to attend a certain show taking place across the river in Minneapolis.

Mainly because the headliners are Rage Against the Machine, who, according to Minneapolis' Star Tribune, will bring their incendiary politics and anthems of violent revolution to the Target Center September 3.

The band will likely be plugging in and offering a less-than-favorable view of conservative politics. De la Rocha recently called for President Bush to be "tried for being a war criminal," and during the band's Lolla set, he raged against the last eight years of Republican rule and even had a word of warning for "Brother Obama," referring to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama.

"Now, we know Brother Obama. ... But I tell you what, if he comes to power come November and he doesn't start pulling troops out of Afghanistan, I know a lot of people who are gonna stand up and burn down every office of every Senate."

In addition to the Rage show, the band's guitarist, Tom Morello, will hook up with outspoken singer/songwriter and fellow social activist Steve Earle to perform a show at a union rally on September 1 at St. Paul's Harriet Island.

Rage Against The Machine And Thousands Of Protesters Rock The DNC Peacefully

MTV News:

A strange thing happened during the Rage Against the Machine protest show on Wednesday (August 27) in support of Iraq Veterans Against the War: Things were downright peaceful.

Rage played an hour's worth of incendiary, bomb-throwing anthems from their catalog, and lead singer De la Rocha egged on the near-capacity crowd at the Denver Coliseum into a froth, but several hours' worth of warnings from the concert's organizers to keep the post-show protest nonconfrontational appeared to soak in as fans mostly danced in place with their fists in the air, spinning out the occasional mosh pit.

With assistance from former MC5 guitarist and 1968 Democratic National Convention protest veteran Wayne Kramer — decked out in all white and sporting a guitar painted with an American flag — Rage ripped through a punk-edged take on the MC5's scorched-earth manifesto "Kick Out the Jams."

De la Rocha kept the polemics to a minimum during the show but gave a stern warning that "revolutionary change begins with a crime of betrayal," and said that any politician who continues to support the United States' current policies "is in harm's way."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rage Against The Machine Rocks DNC In Denver

The Associated Press reports that Rage Against the Machine will perform at an anti-war music festival during the Democratic National Convention, starting today.

"The politically outspoken rock band said it will perform at the Tent State Music Festival to End the War on Aug. 27 at the Denver Coliseum, a venue about three miles from the convention site. Others scheduled to perform include Wayne Kramer, who played with MC5 during the riotous 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago."

"I do this out of a sense of participating in democracy," said Kramer, who said he plans to vote for Democrat Barack Obama in November. "Democracy requires participation. It's not just a theory."

"The Denver festival is hosted by Tent State University and Iraq Veterans Against the War. Organizers say about 8,000 tickets will be given away free by lottery."

Tent State University describes itself as "a college campus-based movement aimed at ending the Iraq war."

"Kramer said he and Tom Morello [pictured above] of Rage Against the Machine have long worked together on music and activism. "When the opportunity came up to take our electric guitars and make some unholy noise to try to stop a war, it sounded familiar to me," Kramer said. "It's something we did 40 years ago, as part of a generation that said the war in Vietnam was wrong and needed to stop. We're part of a generation saying the war in Iraq is wrong and needs to stop."

On the Net:

The Punk Rock Show And More

I love kitties. Also on tap this weekend:

[Aug. 28] : Kevin Fowler, David Lee Kaiser and The Joint Chiefs at Whiskey River.

[Aug. 29]: Colorcast Veteran, Anavie, and Sunrise Kills at The 710 Downtown Bar; Stale Mind, Hardshell Case and The Kingdom Mafia at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

[Aug. 30]: Floodgate at Changing Times.

[Aug. 31]: Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle and We Were Wolves at The Vortex.

Scraps On The Radio

It was cool hearing SETX rockers The Scraps' [pictured above] drunken punk anthem "Sud Suckers" last night on local rock radio station Big Dog 106's Homegrown Local Music Show. Sounded awesome. Nothing better than driving around with the stereo on full blast shouting along to one of your favorite songs. If you haven't heard "Sud Suckers" yet, grab a copy of The Scraps' five-song EP "Static Revolver." It contains the tracks "Release," "Static Revolver," "Date With Death," "Cold Side" and the ever-popular "Sud Suckers." And turn it up loud.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Connect The Dots: La Snacks, Sharks From Space, Molly Maguires, We Were Wolves And More

Despite what skeptical local media types say, memorable nights of music are not rare in SETX.
Coming up this weekend we have [on Aug. 22] The Connect The Dots Festival with La Snacks, Sharks From Space [pictured above], Meryll and Uptown at The Vortex - and then [on Aug. 23] Connect The Dots continues with Ringodeathstarr, Transmography, Molly Maguires and We Were Wolves. Hardly rare. More like well done.

Incoming Message From The Scraps

Yup, Benny from SETX rockers The Scraps dropped a few lines:

"Just wanted to let you know: Reverend Horton Heat is coming to Beaumont on the 23rd of October. We're trying to open the show for them [top secret information deleted]. How bad ass would that be?"

"And we're also in the studio right now with Danny Broussard recording our next 5 song EP. No name for the CD yet, but the track listing is pretty killer. All our new stuff with a re-recording of an older song."

"So ... it's looking good right now. Just wanted to update you brother. Thanks for all your support! It's people like you that keep the music scene what it is. Sure we've got bands galore in the area, but it's people who have a passion for local music that make it what it is."

Benny Mac

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saving The Best For Last - Summer '08 Ends With Punk Rock Blowout

Exclusive: An Anonymous Sloth From Bicycle Sighs Interviews Aaron From Obscene Orchestra / Bigaehomoehs

Q: So, how are you?

A: Eh, I could be better. Life has got me down a bit, but that's nothing new I assume. I'm trying to balance out everything equally - relationship and the band and I'm about to turn 18 - so its a bit rough right now.

Q: What is the word on Obscene Orchestra - and any new news?

A: Well, we're working on new music. We haven't been very active lately, and we really don't see much of each other besides band practice. We've realized its just stupid to try to make music we don't even like just to be diverse now. So we're going for dance-y music now more. I mean, it will still be different and interesting - to us at least.

Q: So what is the story with the new band Bigaehomoehs?

A: Well, Obscene Orchestra is amazing to be in of course, but Ive been working on music for it for a year or two now with and without other members and now that we're getting a lot more attention and getting more serious I needed to work on something to calm me down. I mean, OO! makes me feel better when I'm down but I need something everyday, not three times a week. Also, I wanted Adam, an old member of OO!, back again.

Q: What is the basic idea of Bigaehomoehs?

A: Well, its just a big fuck you to anyone and everything. I'm sick of the way America is and if I cant rule the world yet I'm gonna fuck with it until I do and this is just another way to do that in a much more abrasive way. OO! is a little more calm then it used to be. We used to just yell, spit and scream about fucking in the ass and that was fun. I wanted that again.

Q: What are your plans as far as live shows?

A: Well, we're going to try and book some shows locally, which has always been a bitch for OO! because of our diversity - people tend to look down on us for not sucking ass apparently. I mean, the Art Studio is the only place that will fucking book us. Also, we may book some shows in Austin and Houston, maybe Dallas or McAllen.

Q: What do you plan for recording and releasing music?

A: Well ... with this band, we can record our own music again, something we haven't been able to do with OO! in forever. Drums bring a whole new set of recording problems to the table, but we don't have a drummer in this band- just a guitar, a mic, a synth, and a keyboard for beats. We should probably release an EP into local stores soon - if they'll fucking sell it. Probably wont.

Q: What do you think about the upcoming election? Any thoughts?

A: Yeah, I have a lot to say about that. I'm really glad that bitch Hilary is gone. She just wanted to say Obama was a terrorist. McCain is fucking stupid as hell - I need not even say why. And Obama doesn't seem that great and, as we all know, everyone around here calls him Osama because we live in a town of fucking ignorant rednecks and gangs. Also, China can fucking suck it. Bush bombed innocent people for oil and he's to much of a pussy to actually fight a potential enemy. Bush needs a lesson on how not to be a little bitch.

Q: Any closing statements?

A: Yeah, to everyone around here who still thinks we suck ... go chug a bottle of cherry children's robo and pass out on the highway!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best Bets In SETX This Week

[Aug. 10]: Colorcast Veteran, Makada, and Survive the Musical at Rikenjaks.

[Aug. 13]: Kingdom of Sorrow, Soilent Green, Scum of the Earth, and Six Past Hell at The Vortex.

[Aug. 15]: Aaron Watson at Whiskey River.

[Aug. 16]: We Were Wolves [pictured above] at The Vortex; Downsyde and Echo Lane at Changing Times; Daniel Moore, Michael Wright, Ben J, Webbed, and Algo Rithm at the Art Studio; Southern Whiskey Rebellion, Black Tooth, and Mile Zero at the Outlaw Drinking Club.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aaron From Obscene Orchestra

Aaron from SETX rock band Obscene Orchestra [pictured above] sent in some news about their new side project Bigaehomehs.

"Its gonna be a noise/punk/trash band. Anti-religious. Anti-war. Pretty pretty much against any wrong doings America is basing its new neo-Nazi fascist bullshit beliefs on these days."

Aaron described one of Obscene Orchestra's recent shows: "The cops were almost called because some guys were telling us to die - and I told them I'd fuck their asses after the show. So they tried to throw a board at my head. And my grandpa almost tried to shoot them. It was fucking epic as hell."

Hit the Obscene Orchestra MySpace site at: