Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Pink Floyd Laser Light Show. At Ford Park. Really.

And my award for the "OH HELL NO" show of 2008 goes to:

The "Rock Under Cover Tour 08" with the "Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular" tonight [July 19] at Ford Pavilion in - you guessed it - Ford Park in Beaumont, Texas.

Seriously, WTF?

While Pink Floyd laser light shows are about as pointless as say, tribute bands, the show does include some actual live music from ... tribute bands.

No Quarter is a Led Zeppelin tribute band and Destroyer is - you guessed it again - a KISS tribute band. [Look, I like KISS, but honestly, Love Gun would have been be a much cooler name, don't you think?]

And tickets are $25 - half a tank of gas for a Ford Focus! Insane.

I'm so sick and fucking tired of all these lame-ass Ford Park shows that I could really just spit. I mean, the place could host local music festivals and bring in cool Texas music artists like Jesse Dayton [he's the guy who provided the music for Banjo & Sullivan in Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects - AND he's from SETX] - but no, instead we get fucking Pink Floyd laser light shows. It's insulting.

If you like rock-n-roll, boycott this show. Instead, go to the Art Studio tonight and check out six local rock bands. All the cool people will be there - and they'll have hot dogs.


Laurie said...

You really shouldn't be so close minded music-wise. Tribute bands are a lot of fun and $25 is cheap for a full evening of "music" (it starts at 4:00 p.m.)

Widen your horizons a little and you might find that cheesy things like this are actually a blast. Hint: have a few beers.

Sure, I'd like to see better shows at Ford Park, too. (I'm a punk rock fan myself.) However, asking for a boycott only proves to the promoters how narrow minded this area can be.

We should all be attending every damn music even that comes our way. EVERYBODY. EVERYTHING. Whether it's your cup of tea or not. Support for music is never a bad thing.

cole said...

for my part i would like to encourage people to support the clubs that support live music. touring bands and local acts that sell out encourage others to give setx a try. selling out a laser show/cover band encourages more of the same. if it was part of a bigger music scene that was lively and diverse, i think it would be a valuable addition to your list of choices for the night. it seems to have the most advertising, biggest budget, visible venue, etc and that sends a message that it's the best we have to offer. maybe if there were tons of events at ford park it wouldn't stand out so much. the nice folks at ford park, though, can't or won't book more events and we end up with a once-a-month deal that only appeals to some of the people some of the time. every time that little blinky light over there changes i get my hopes up that somebody couldn't get a gig in houston on the day they wanted. dang! can you tell that place gives me a headache when i try to figure it out? enough already.

Joel said...

ha. I laugh when people say "Support everything that comes our way". Ha, Laurie so what you asking everyone to do is to give up their individuality for your own greed, because you want Bad Religion to play Antones? Sorry, but I for one will not go suffer through a shitty ass show full of Tribute bands or Gretchen Wilson, or Nelly and Lil' Wayne just to appease you. Like it or not, we live in a boring area. People come here to work, not to have fun. It's not going to change anytime soon.

BennyScrap said...

I'll probably end up going with some of the guys in my band. They're floyd fanatics. Granted, yes it's a blatant money shot for the "artists" in the tribute bands, but some of us never got to see the real thing. This might be as close as we can get to see Zep and Kiss play on stage. It's fun to imagine every now and then. I feel the same way as you Cole and Joel. Supporting everything all of the time is ludicrous. However, we should support some things some of the time to keep these places open for the chance that maybe someone may come through. Moderation.

cole said...

now you're singing my song. moderation. i have a hard time being an 'all or nothing' guy. maybe i'll save my boycotts for changing the world.

Laurie said...

First, to Brent, I apologize for getting into a comment war on your blog, but since Joel addressed my comment personally, I would like to respond.

Dear Joel,

I don't quite understand what you mean by "your own greed." Believe me I don't make any money off of any band that has ever played in this area or any venue that exists or has ever existed in this (or any other) area. I have, however, given them lots of my hard earned money in my over thirty years of being drinking age.

I'm not asking you to do anything to appease me. It just surprises me that alleged music lovers would be so close minded.

I'm a middle aged white woman and I went to that Nelly/Lil Wayne concert you're talking about. I didn't expect to like it, but you know what? It was great.

I also don't buy your generalization that people come here to work and not have fun. There are people having fun everywhere I look.

I did overstate my point about everyone supporting everything. I do, however, feel it's important for music lovers to open your ears to other types of music than what you're into right now.

If you don't, you'll find yourself twenty years from now listening to your generation's version of "classic rock" like so many of the people of my generation who won't listen to anything else. That's just sad.

Once again, I apologize to Brent for leaving such a long ass comment.

Brent Snyder said...

Laurie, thanks for your post. The "boycott" thing was actually my attempt at being funny, since I find boycotts funny to begin with. But I must say that I'm being honest here - I really hate Pink Floyd laser light shows. Hate. They are horrible, horrible cliches. Plus, I don't really like Pink Floyd very much. I like some songs from "The Wall," but the rest are not my "cup of tea." As for tribute bands, if there was a glam-era David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust thing happening, that would be cool. Or a Joy Division tribute band? I would so be there. But Led Zepp? I like some songs from "In Through The Out Door," but the rest is again, not my cup. But I agree with the spirit of your post.

Brent Snyder said...

Oh and Laurie, it's not a war. It's just a discussion.

Brent Snyder said...

Cole, when you said "it seems to have the most advertising, biggest budget, visible venue, etc and that sends a message that it's the best we have to offer," you hit the nail on the head. That was partly the point of my initial post. In my opinion, that "event" was not the best our scene had to offer - but instead, the six bands for five bucks in downtown Beaumont was a better choice. Thanks for posting.

Brent Snyder said...

Benny, I think I saw an interview with Gene Simmons about KISS doing another tour. Don't know if they're doing any shows in Texas, but it would be worth your while to check it out. I saw KISS live back in the day and they're a hell of a lot of fun.

Laurie said...

Brent - One more long comment, then I'm done. Promise. :)

Regarding "most advertising," it doesn't seem to me that any of the live music venues around here do enough advertising. I find out about most of the local shows through MySpace bulletins (and now, your blog).

I read the newspaper and watch the local news daily, but if I hadn't received a pre-sale e-mail from Ford Park, I wouldn't have even known about the laser show. Granted, I have an XM radio and rarely listen to local radio, but still.

I truly feel that's the main reason there's such low attendance at so many shows. People who are well beyond college and high school don't have that "What's going on this weekend?" kind of network.

I do understand that local bands and venues lack the money for even minimal advertising. I wonder how much it would cost us to run a cable access television station? All local music, all the time. Hmmmmmmmmm.......

poppyrobbie said...

Tribute bands and light shows have no place in modern society. We're better than this, people. Seriously. Don't pretend it's okay...

They might as well be raping puppies on live television during the Saturday morning cartoons timeslot.


Brent Snyder said...

Laurie, since mainstream advertising requires bags of cash that many of us can't afford living in the Bush Regime, non-traditional grassroots promotion online is the only way to go. I'm glad you look beyond the corporate mainstream machine to get information.

Brent Snyder said...

Joel, Bad Religion at Antone's would be a dream come true, huh?

Brent Snyder said...

Poppie! Leave those puppies alone!

BennyScrap said...


Meh, no thanks about seeing the real Kiss. They're old hacks. I want to see what they were like in their prime. Y'know back when they wrote hits like "Beth".

I actually didn't go to the show. I spent the whole day in a vegetative state.

Joel said...

Bad Religon anywhere in Beaumont would not only kick ass...but...yes yes it would kick ass.

Greg said...

Let's see.
Five Dollars to see original music performed by bands from your area.(not to mention the free hot dogs!)

Or 25 dollars to praise some losers from out of town playing other peoples music on a big stage.

Support local music.

Support the people that are actually creating something.

Fuck cover bands.

that being said, the show at the Studio went very well. Thanks to everybody that came, and thanks to Brent for the mention.

Laurie said...

Those out of town losers (the tribute bands) were amazingly talented and I've seen many incredible cover bands (two different things) in my day. Sometimes people are outstanding musicians, but don't have the magical gift of songwriting.

Also, I know several guys who play in both bands that play their original music and in cover bands/tribute bands. They enjoy the hell out of both.

Of course, original is always better and I do love a good weiner.

Brent Snyder said...

My motto is "support local music or die."

Having said that, I like at least one non-local cover band, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes.

And I don't have any problem at all with local bands doing a few covers. My band KFG has done five, so far, if memory serves: "C Is For Cookie," "Leavin' On A Jet Plane," "Skankin' In The Army," "Rodeo Song" and most recently "Boris The Spider."

As for tribute bands, it just depends on the band in question [and who they're covering]. I have a good friend in Houston who is lead singer of a female Judas Priest tribute band called Judith Priest. They rock. But you won't find me at a Pink Floyd or Led Zepp tribute show. Ever.

Greg said...

Yes, this is true. It depends on what the tribute band is covering.
the all female Judas Priest tribute band sounds pretty great. And a few interesting covers in a set is totally cool with me.
I know a few people that play in cover bands and they do a good job and i'm glad they enjoy themselves.
My words were much too strong when i said "fuck cover bands".
What i meant was that I choose originality over copying any day, i choose local over out of town any day, i choose five dollars over twenty five dollars any day, and i choose hot dogs over no hot dogs any day.

Brent Snyder said...

I agree with you on all those points Greg.