Monday, July 7, 2008

Local Newspaper's Entertainment Site Vanishes - And Nobody Notices

Wonder what happened to ... ?

Karma, she's a bitch?


poppyrobbie said...

I'm sure their mindset is that "Well, Crockett Street has imploded...SURELY there's nothing else entertaining going on in Beaumont now!"

The Enterprise's Weekend Section is a joke ever since the loss of...Well, you know.

That thing used to be like a local music zine!


BennyScrap said...

I must agree with Robbie. I used to look forward to Fridays so I could read the local music section and see what was in there. The great thing about that section was it wasn't COMPLETELY metal like every other local music outlet here in SETX. It was mostly rock with a little metal thrown in here and there.
I really hope for you massive growth with this blog. You deserve the accolades.

vegmb said...

I was looking for that site last week trying to find information about the City's 4th of July activities and thought it was really strange that I couldn't find it.