Monday, December 29, 2008

Best SETX Rock Artists Of 2008

We Were Wolves and The Scraps ... ! Since everyone hates a tie, the winner will have to be determind by a wrestling grudge match between Benny and Jake in vodka-laced Jello.

Best New SETX Artists Of 2008

Cousin Phelpy ... !

The Best Of SETX 2008

As 2008 draws to a close, I offer some picks for the best stuff:

Best new SETX artist of 2008 - Cousin Phelpy.

Best SETX rock artists of 2008 - [TIED] The Scraps / We Were Wolves.

Best SETX country artist of 2008 - Jesse Dayton.

Best SETX hip-hop artist of 2008 - Bun B.

Best SETX blues artist of 2008 - Pete Mayes.

Best SETX zydeco artist of 2008 - C.J. Chenier.

Best SETX heavy metal artist of 2008 - Drachen.

Best SETX classic rock artist of 2008 - Fictive Kin.

Best SETX punk rock artist of 2008 - Wormdirt.

Best SETX surf rock artist of 2008 - Molly Maguires.

Best SETX electronic artist of 2008 - JapaneseCarcrash.

Best SETX artist comeback of 2008 - K.F.G.

Best SETX "final show" of 2008 - Joe Jitsu.

Best SETX artist to watch in 2009 - Obscene Orchestra.

Best SETX indoor/nightclub live venue of 2008 - The Vortex.

Best SETX outdoor/gallery live venue of 2008 - The Art Studio.

Best SETX after hours spot of 2008 - Waffle House.

Best SETX restroom graffiti - The Vortex.

Best SETX media of 2008 - Big Dog 106's Home Grown Local Show.

Best SETX Web site of 2008 - Local Music Guide at

Best SETX blog of 2008 - Ramblings at

Best SETX MySpace site of 2008 - Beaumont Underground at

Congrats to all the winners! See ya next year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here Comes '09

What we have so far for Jan. '09:

[Jan. 2] -
Ward, Bowen and Steinman at Logon Cafe.

[Jan. 3] - Six Pack Deep at The Vortex; Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Scout Bar.

[Jan. 8] - Three Men and a Mannequin at The Logon Cafe.

[Jan. 9] - The Kickback at The Vortex; Neverset & Ceres at The Scout Bar.

[Jan. 10] - Lions, Amplified Heat & Sobriety Starts Tomorrow at The Vortex.

[Jan. 16] - The Flood at The Vortex.

[Jan. 17] - Duke & Velvet Brick at The Vortex; The Spacerockers at The Scout Bar; Nice Work if You Can Get It, The Shammies, Daniel Moore & Obscene Orchestra at The Art Studio.

[Jan. 19] - Night and Day Orchestra at The Logon Cafe.

[Jan. 23] - Forest Tradition at Whiskey River; Wayne [The Train] Hancock, Loaded 44 & The Von Dukes at The Vortex.

[Jan. 24] - The Scraps [pictured at the top] at The Vortex.

[Jan. 30] - Pure Luck at The Vortex; Metal Shop at The Scout Bar.

[Jan. 31] - Adrian and the Sickness, Honky & Sour Mash at The Vortex; The Red Airplanes, Spoken & Radio Revival at The Church on the Rock North [in Beaumont].

Monday, December 15, 2008

We Were Wolves In Concert [With Trust Company And Daylight Broadcast]

At The Scout Bar in downtown Beaumont.

The War On "Merry"

At the shop the other day I noticed a customer was wearing a button that declared "I STILL SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS" on it in bold red letters.

As I was ringing her out, I cheerfully said, "And have a very happy Christmas." [I was in the holiday mood, you know?]

She stopped in her tracks, turned back to me and said, "You should say MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

"Pardon?" I asked.

"I said you should say MERRY CHRISTMAS!" she said. "Not too many people say it anymore you know!"

I paused.

"But I did wish you a very happy Christmas," I said, ever so politely and as sincere as can be.

"BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY MERRY!" she insisted.

I smiled, waved goodbye and did my best not to burst out laughing.

Later, a co-worker said that I should have replied "Merry holidays" - but you know, I didn't want to let the Grinch spoil my "Peace On Earth" vibe.

Black & White Ball

'Tis the season for fancy holiday parties, no? Try out this shin-dig over at The Scout Bar this coming Friday night. It's sure to be festive.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Best E-Mail Of 2008

Yes, we get e-mail here at the blog. Here's one from today's batch:

"I have a project I want you to run with us.

It involves exportation of 100,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Kirkuk, Iraq.

If you are interested, email me.

Mr. Yan."

R.I.P. Bettie

Punk Turns 30: "Another octogenarian cult figure whose accomplishments were more than appreciated and perpetuated by scores of punk rock chicks, Bettie Page died Thursday (December 11) in Los Angeles."

NYT: "In her trademark raven bangs, spike heels and killer curves, Ms. Page was the most famous pinup girl of the post-World War II era, a centerfold on a million locker doors and garage walls."

"Then in the late 1980s and early ’90s, she was rediscovered and a Bettie Page renaissance began. David Stevens, creator of the comic-book and later movie character the Rocketeer, immortalized her as the Rocketeer’s girlfriend. Fashion designers revived her look."

"There were Bettie Page playing cards, lunch boxes, action figures, T-shirts and beach towels. Her saucy images went up in nightclubs. Bettie Page fan clubs sprang up. Look-alike contests, featuring leather-and-lace and kitten-with-a-whip Betties, were organized. Hundreds of Web sites appeared, including her own, which had 588 million hits in five years, CMG Worldwide said in 2006."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Shoot To Thrill" - Interrogators Played AC/DC, Sesame Street, And ‘Barney’ Theme Song To Torture Detainees

"One of the Bush administration’s psychological torture techniques against detainees has been to blast loud music to deprive detainees of sleep, causing some to “knock their heads against the walls and the doors, screaming their heads off.”

According to British human rights group Reprieve, these are among the songs that the U.S. has used frequently:

– “Dirrty,” Christina Aguilera
– “F*ck Your God,” Deicide
– “Shoot to Thrill,” AC/DC
– “We are The Champions,” Queen
– “I Love You,” from “Barney and Friends”
– “Born in the USA,” Bruce Springsteen
– “Babylon,” David Gray
– “White America,” Eminem
– “Sesame Street” theme song

Others include Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Don McLean, Lil’ Kim, Limp Bizkit, Matchbox 20, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tupac Shakur.

Reprieve has launched a new anti-music torture initiative, Zero dB.

Sublime Tribute Band Coming To Scout Bar In Feb. '09

I'm often associated with Sublime without ever really trying to. I'm originally from Long Beach, California ... as was Sublime ... and a lot of people think I named my punk rock band KFG [KungFuGrip] because of a Sublime lyric, though really I didn't [I'm just old enough to remember the bad-ass G.I. Joe with Kung-Fu Grip]. And when my son-in-law first saw a KFG video on YouTube, he said to me with all seriousness, "You guys remind me of Sublime." It's not at all intentional, but I'll take that as a compliment.

The Best Of The Rest Of 08

[Dec. 11]: Kevin Fowler and Granger Smith at Whiskey River; Wine and Alchemy at the Logon Cafe. Yeah, they're still running those Whiskey River TV ads with the Stepford clones. Creepy.

[Dec. 12]: Tom Hunter and the Sharp Shooter Band at the Logon Cafe; Rainchild and Knotch at the Scout Bar; The Vettes and The Evertronic at the Vortex.

[Dec. 13]: Onofatman at the Logon Cafe; The Jimmy Kaiser Band at Madison's; Sivan, The Dollyrockers and Kill the Theory at the Scout Bar; David Lee Kaiser at Madison's; We Were Wolves, Cousin Phelpy and Sour Mash at the Vortex.

[Dec. 14]: Structure, Weirdo and Colorcast Veteran at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 15]: The Night and Day Orchestra at the Logon Cafe. I haven't heard them but I with the word "orchestra" in their name it sounds like an event, doesn't it?

[Dec. 16]: El Floppy Tacos at Madison's. Damn it. Now I have the munchies. Fuckers.

[Dec. 17]: Trust Company at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 18]: Randy Rogers, David Lee Kaiser and the Joint Chiefs at Whiskey River.

[Dec. 19]: The Rick Show, Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at the Logon Cafe; The Flamin' Hellcats at the Vortex; Forever Falls, Uptown, and Parallel the Sky at the Scout Bar.
[Dec. 20]: David Martinez and Avenue B at the Logon Cafe; Soul Vacation at Madison's; Knuckle Deep, Sour Mash, and Colorcast Veteran at the Scout Bar; Sam Suicide at the Vortex.

[Dec 21]: Stale Mind, Glory Glory and Ceres at the Scout Bar.

[Dec. 22]: Danny O'Flaherty at the Logon Cafe. I saw him at an Irish pub in New Orleans and thought he was awesome. I was pretty drunk that night, but still ... good times.

[Dec. 23]: The Ed Dix Jazz Quintet at MacKenzie's Pub.

[Dec. 24]: Mike Zito at the Gator Lounge.

[Dec. 25]: The Kaiser Brothers Christmas at Whiskey River. See, they should have called it "The Kaiser Brothers Christmas Special" or "A Kaiser Brothers Very Special Christmas." And they could have shot a commercial with the Stepford clones in matching elf costumes. I'm just sayin.'

[Dec. 26]: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and Robert Earl Keen at Whiskey River; Robert Frith at Madison's.

[Dec. 27]: Book of Days at the Logon Cafe; Vallejo at the Scout Bar; Johnny Gossip at Madison's.

[Dec. 28]: The Toadies at the Scout Bar. Dude. Were you at that Toadies show at Palladium [or was it Club Empire then] in downtown Beaumont way back when? The guitarist was wearing a Cheap Trick t-shirt and I had that same fucking T-shirt in high school! Remember that dude hanging from the light fixture in the ceiling? And I got so drunk that I threw up in the parking lot after the show? Best. Concert. Ever.

[Dec. 30]: The Eli Young Band and the Jamie Talbert Band at Whiskey River.

[Dec. 31]: The Kris Harper Band at Madison's; Totally Trash and The Evertronic at the Vortex.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Shit You Not

Look what's coming to The Scout Bar in '09 ...

Until The Thirteenth

[Dec. 2]: El Floppy Tacos at Madison's. Their name gives me the munchies every time I type it. Fuckers.

[Dec. 4]: Flaw, Displaced, Glory Glory and Warchild at The Scout Bar; Roger Creager at Whiskey River; J. Paul Jr. and the Zydeco Nu Breeds at The Gator Lounge. I love zydeco. Really.

[Dec. 5]: Meshac Jackson and The Echo Vine at The Vortex; and Mike Zito @ Whiskey River. Have you seen that TV commercial for Whiskey River? The one with all the girls that look the same with the bleach-bottle-blond hair and Ritt-dye-black roots? I'm telling ya, it's fuckin' freaky the way they all look like clones. Except for that one dark-haired bartender. She's hot.

[Dec. 6]: La Snacks, Attractive and Popular, Transmography and Ginsu Wives at The Vortex.

[Dec. 8]: Hoobastank at The Scout Bar. Hoobastank! I wondered where the fuck they went.

[Dec. 9]: El Floppy Tacos at Madison's. Again.

[Dec. 10]: Stereoside, Fixer and Boggdown at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

[Dec. 11]: Kevin Fowler at Whiskey River. I'm telling ya, those Stepford girls are creepin' me out.

[Dec. 13]: We Were Wolves, Cousin Phelpy, The Amorist and Sour Mash at The Vortex; and Burnt Face Jack at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club. Burnt Face Jack may very well be the best new band name of 2008.

Marked For Death

I met a cool guy at the shop today during my shift. He was from Chicago and I told him I lived up near Joliet from the 5th grade through high school. He said, "Oh ... I was in the CITY" and I laughed and said "Yeah, I was in the ..."

We both said "suburbs." It was funny at the time.

We started talking about our tattoos and I told him one of my favorites was the lucky 13 skull and crossbones on a spider web that my pal Omar did on my left arm when he was at Gill "The Drill" Montie's World Famous TattooMania in downtown Beaumont. [Texas, that is].

My new friend said, "What, did you used to be a gang-banger?"

And I said "No, just a punk rocker."

He said, "In Chicago, that could have got you killed. If the wrong Mexicans see that, they'll shoot you."


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dollyrockers & Flamin' Hellcats Vortex 11/22/08

The Box Set

Robbie shot an e-mail over. Here it is:

"Heyheyhey, hows it going sir? Just writing to let you know that my new group/duo The Box Set will be playing our first Beaumont show Saturday Night at the Art Studio (11/22). Some bands cancelled and they were looking for replacements, so we decided "eh, why not?" Just thought I'd give a heads up, all the info is on their page at thanky, thanky! see ya,"


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Of The Rest Of November - So Far

[Nov. 16]: Uptown, 20/20 and Southern Embers at The Scout Bar. At that big building with all the lights in downtown Beaumont.

[Nov. 17]: The Supersuckers at The Vortex. The last the Suckers were in town they acted like big-time rockstars, but hey, they're better than Staind.

[Nov. 18]: Otep, Ill Nino, Stale Mind, Walls of Jericho and Sister Sin at The Scout Bar. I like me some Otep.

[Nov. 19]: Obsolete August at The Scout Bar. House band!

[Nov. 20]: Stoney LaRue at Whiskey River; Goatwhore, The Kingdom Mafia and Killjoy72 at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club. That's right - I said Ghoatwhore.

[Nov. 21]: Mad Happy at The Vortex; The Bogarts at Changing Times.

[Nov. 22]: Lonestar Pornstar and Energy Williams at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club; Bad Faith and Longneck Road at Changing Times; She Craves and Parallel the Sky at The 710 Downtown Bar; The Dolly Rockers at The Vortex.

[Nov. 24]: Psychostick and Retard-O-Bot at Changing Times. Yeah, all the cool band names have been taken.

[Nov. 25]: Staind, Seether and Papa Roach at The Ford Arena. I lied. This isn't one of the best of the month. In fact, I hate all three of these bands. Especially Seether.

[Nov. 26]: Jimmy Kaiser and David Lee Kaiser at Oke Dokee's; Wayne Toups at Whiskey River. The Kaiser Brothers are cool - and that Wayne Toups knows how to party.

[Nov. 28]: Mark Chesnutt at Whiskey River; Choke and Slow the Knife at The 710 Downtown Bar. Chesnutt is one of the best Texas country singers around - and he once recorded a cover of an Aerosmith song. Seriously.

[Nov. 29]: The Crazy Ivans at The Vortex; The Hunger at The Scout Bar. The guys in The Hunger are cool - and they toured with KISS.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tonight & Saturday

Tonight [Nov. 14]: Another Day and Sour Mash at The Scout Bar; Exit the Sun and Litany for the Departed at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club; Scott McGill and Old Dog Mac at Dylan's.

Saturday [Nov. 15]: Another Day and Ceres at The Scout Bar; Rockin' Horse, Autovenom, Knotch, Southwind, Cheap Whiskey, Big Red and the Zydeco Playmakers, Circuit Breakers, AD/HD and Mean Gene Kelton at Crockett Street; Whiskeydick at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Alternative Press - Election Views

Alternative Press has collected views from various musicians on the election of President-Elect Obama.

Dicky Barrett [Bosstones] noted: "I feel like the world is now a better place, and a large chunk of my faith in my country has been restored. I don't think we made a good choice, I think we made a great choice. I'm looking forward to living in a country where the guy who runs it is smarter than I am."

Will Francis [Aiden] adds: "Finally some fucking hope."

Check it out:

Ramones Not A Happy Family

Wow. It seems that Mickey Leigh [president of Ramones productions and brother to the late Joey Ramone] was in a recent public dispute over politics with Linda Ramone [wife of the late Johnny Ramone].

See, Linda [who should NOT be using the Ramone surname in my opinion] has been involved with Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator McCain. Meghan is self-described punk rocker and argued that the ONLY way to be punk rock is to be conservative. Huh.

Meanwhile, Mickey responded to Linda's use of the surname "Ramone," saying:

"I just want it to be clear that Linda Cummings does not represent the political views of the Ramones. Surely, as for Joey Ramone, the only Ramones song he would sing at a Republican campaign event would be ‘Glad To See You Go!’"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Young Americans ROCKED The Vote

"On November 4th, approximately 24 million 18-29 year olds cast ballots in this historic election, a turnout rate of 55%, up 6 percentage points from 2004. This youth turnout figure is based on a turnout estimate from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), and overall turnout calculations from Professor Michael McDonald of George Mason University and results from the National Election Pool exit poll."

“More young people voted than in any election since 18 year olds won the right to vote in 1972. This is truly a remarkable moment; young people have spoken and elected the next president,” said Heather Smith, executive director, Rock the Vote. “No longer can pundits and politicians say we don’t vote. The face of our democracy is forever changed and young people have shown the world we are taking our country into our own hands.”

Visit or more stories, videos and pictures from the field.

“We’ll now take this incredible energy and momentum and demand action on the issues young people care about such as the economy, the war in Iraq, heath care, voting rights, and the environment,” Smith commented. “This is only the beginning.”

Coming Up

Friday [Nov. 7]: Static at Dylan's; Eazy at Larry's French Market; Helstar and Devastation at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club; Saliva, Drowning Pool, Tantric and Jet Black Stare at The Scout Bar; Altar Ego at The Vortex; Ward, Bowen and Steinman at The Logon Cafe; Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns at Whiskey River.

Saturday [Nov. 8]: Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at Dylan's; Motherlode at Club 87; Infinity's Twin at The Scout Bar; As Eden Burns and Aurora Black at The Vortex.

Sunday [Nov. 9]: The Scraps [pictured above] at The Scout Bar!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treat!

Tonight [Oct. 31]: Jedi Ninjas from Outer Space at The Scout Bar; David Martinez and Avenue B at The Logon Cafe; The Dustin Powell Trio at Madison's; The Scraps, Cousin Phelpy, Shit City High and The Blind Pets at The Vortex; Drachen, Freak 13 and Boxy Brown at Changing Times.

Saturday [Nov. 1]: Livin' Proof at The Scout Bar; Kenny Wiebusch and the Outstanding Warrants at The Logon Cafe.

All I got was a rock.

Monday, October 27, 2008


"Trick Or Treat, Baby!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rock, Rock & More Rock This Weekend

What's going on this weekend? A whole Hell of a lot.

Tonight [Friday Oct. 24]: Straightfork and Paris Green at The Scout Bar; 3CG at The Logon Cafe; Altar Ego, Southern Embers and Killjoy 72 at Changing Times; David Lee Kaiser at The Poblano Grill; Johnny Gossip at Madison's; Soul Shock at Dylan's; Flametrick Subs, Sean Reefer and The Resin Valley Boys at The Vortex.

Saturday [Oct. 25]: Blue Broussard, Jamie Talbert, Pug Johnson, Luke Adair, Paige Price, Tres Womack and more at The Logon Cafe; Nonpoint, 12 Stones, A New Revolution and Royal Bliss at The Scout Bar; Crazy Ivans and The Trian Woodburns at The Vortex; The Jimmy Kaiser Band at Club 87; Nerostotles, Cousin Phelpy, Apartment?Studio; Nice Work if You Can Get It and The Scraps at The Art Studio.

What did I miss? Let me know at

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oct. 25 Halloween Band Nite @ The Art Studio

That's a lot of SETX rock for $5.
Wonder what the other "amazing things" are.
If you know, drop me a line at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Concert For The Coast

A large group of SETX musicians band together for a 10-city benefit concert on Oct. 26 to aid Hurricane Ike victims.

"Concert for the Coast" in Beaumont will be at the Rockin' A Cafe from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. featuring Slow Rollin' Lows, Jimmy & David Lee Kaiser, the Jamie Talbert Band, Lee Pelly, Spencer Marks, Bryce Shaver, Buster Ellisor, Blue Broussard, Larry Tillery, Charlie Hager, Cody Kouba and Hunter McKithan.

Admission will be a donation of $10. For more information, call (409) 543-4227.

McCain's Campaign Can't Stop Pirating Music

Jon Bon Jovi issued a statement to TMZ today objecting to Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) use of his song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” during her rallies:

"We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past twenty-five years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the defacto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities. Although we were not asked, we do not approve of their use of ‘Home.’"

The band joins John Mellencamp, Heart, Jackson Browne, the Foo Fighters, Van Halen and others in objecting to the use of their music by the McCain campaign. Ironically, today the McCain campaign faulted YouTube for taking down some of its videos — without acknowledging that some of those videos faced DMCA take-down notices.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Southern Backtones This Weekend!

Just another reason why The Vortex is the coolest bar in SETX.

John McCain Music Pirate Part 2

ThinkProgress reports that throughout the U.S. presidential campaign season, Sen. John McCain and the Republican party have continually drawn the ire of musicians by using their copyrighted material without permission.

Now yet another band is complaining. Yesterday, the most excellent rock band Foo Fighters issued a statement telling McCain to stop using their song “My Hero“:

“The saddest thing about this is that `My Hero’ was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential,” the band said in a statement. “To have it appropriated without our knowledge and used in a manner that PERVERTS the original sentiment of the lyric just TARNISHES the song.”

John McCain. What an asshole.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Powerman 5000 Feb. 11 2009

The Scout Bar at Crockett Street is still rolling out the national rock shows for SETX. One of my personal faves, Powerman 5000, is set for Feb. 11, 2009. Now if we can just get Spider's brother Rob Zombie to visit SETX as well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Holy Crap! Otep In Beaumont?

Wow. The Scout Bar at Crockett Street has set 11/18 for a show with metal bands Otep, Ill Nino and Wall Of Jericho. Pretty cool. I like me some Otep.

Apartment?Studio In Orange

As SETX continues to recover from the aftermath of IKE, a group of artists/musicians in Orange are coming together to help rebuild the underground art/music scene.

Calling itself Apartment?Studio, the collective describes the project as "a community in SETX dedicated to creating interesting art, music, poetry, photography, etc pushing boundaries and tearing down walls."

Check out the Apartment?Studio site at:

"We're always open for new members we will have galleries around SETX soon. Each will include every person involved in whatever medium in which they work. If you are interested in joining our community, message us at ..."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Upcoming For Oct. 10-11

Friday [Oct. 10]: Autovenom at Changing Times; The Jimmy Kaiser Band at Madison's; Polly Wants a Popgun at The Vortex.

Saturday [Oct. 11]: The Kris Harper Band at Madison's; Dead End Lake and Santeria at The 710 Downtown Bar; Carcharodon and Floodgate at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scout Bar Shows

The Scout Bar - with locations in Clear Lake, San Antonio and now Beaumont - is set to open on Oct. 24 at Crockett Street. The first show is set for Oct. 25 with Nonpoint, 12 Stones, A New Revolution, and Royal Bliss. Other shows include Oct. 29 with Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry and The Parlor Mob; and Nov. 7 with Saliva, Drowning Pool, Tantric and Jet Black Stare. Oh yeah, Nov. 8 will host Back in Black ... an AC/DC tribute band.

The Scout Bar Does Beaumont

Out of the ashes of Antone's comes The Scout Bar.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Southbound & Down

We just back into Orange County after our evacuation vacation and it feels good to be home. Got about a billion e-mails to catch up on, so here are some shows scheduled for SETX this weekend:

Tonight [Sept. 26]: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at Whiskey River; David Lee Kaiser at The Poblano Grill; Scott McGill and Old Dog Mac at Dylan's; Electric Frankenstein at The Vortex.

Saturday night [Sept. 27]: The Bogarts at Changing Times; Black Diamond Heavies at The Vortex; Grimey Styles, Fresh Nectar, Ashes of Babylon and Dertybird at The Luna Bar and Grill; Big Shot Bizaare at The Art Studio; Cousin Phelpy [pictured above] and We Were Wolves at The Barking Dog.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Willie & Farm Aid To Help In Hurricane Recovery

The Associated Press reports Farm Aid founder Willie Nelson [a native Texan] says the organization will give $30,000 in grants to groups that help family farmers in areas of Texas and Louisiana hit hard by Hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

Farm Aid says more money will be distributed in the near future, "as the extent of hurricane damage becomes clearer."

Farm Aid is the longest-running benefit concert series in the U.S. It's raised more than $30 million for family farmers since its first show in 1985.

Radio Free SETX

Kudos to Al Caldwell [the man who booked ZZ Top's first paid gig back in the day] who reported on SETX's continuing recovery from Ike this morning on local rock radio station K-106. During the broadcast, he criticized the mainstream media for essentially ignoring our region while it struggles in what he described as "third world country" conditions. Give 'em Hell, Al.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was wondering why there hasn't been much IKE coverage.

And yeah, this has nothing to do with music, but damn.


That's what Warren Ellis calls it. "Absent WithOut Bloggery".

Thanks to the ever-cool William Gibson [author of some of my most favorite books, including "Spook Country"] for the heads-up.

Greetings From Carthage

Hullo from the evacuation trail!

We're holed up in Carthage [home of the Tex Ritter Country Music Museum] for the time being - and we still don't know when we can come home to SETX [Orange County].

How is everyone out there? Anyone have any news to share?

Thanks to the lovely people at the Carthage Public Library, I will be able to pop in every now and then.

So if you're online, give us a shout.

Adios for now,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Update: At 6:15 a.m. Sept. 11, evacuatiuon called for Ike in Jefferson and Orange Counties. So, ah, never mind about this post, I guess. The original post went something like this:

Depending on the heavy weather, SETX gigs may include:

Thursday [Sept. 11]: Honeybrowne and the Blue Broussard Band at Whiskey River; Centerfire at The Lamplighter; Brad Brinkley and Comfort Zone at The Caribbean Cove Lounge; Clint Faulk and Sherrie Lynn at Larry's French Market.

Friday [Sept. 12]: The Mike Taylor Band at Polo's Lounge; Static at Dylan's; Dead End Lake and Mothership at The 710 Downtown Bar; Knotch at OB's; Eazy at Larry's French Market; Forever Falls and Ashes Lain at Rikenjaks; Flamin' Hellcats at The Vortex; Centerfire at The Capistrano; Wade Bowen, Jamie Bergeron and The Kickin' Cajuns at Whiskey River; Willis Prudhomme at The Caribbean Cove Lounge.

Saturday [Sept. 13]: Big Frank at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club; Magnolia Sons at The Barking Dog; Sekrum at Rikenjaks; Sean Vidrine at The Caribbean Cove Lounge; Centerfire at The Capistrano; Southern Embers and Longneck Road at The Logon Cafe; The Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen and The Josh Ward Band at The Texas Gatorfest in Anahuac; Texas Revolution at Club 87; Sour Mash, The Blind Pets, and We Were Wolves at The Vortex.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Those Guys Again

At Both Conventions, a Band Salutes Anarchy - New York Times

On Wednesday night, Republican delegates fresh off Gov. Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination speech at the Xcel Energy Center here formed a conga line of taxis, buses and private cars to Minneapolis, where post-convention parties were firing up. At almost the same time, a huge crowd was emptying out of the Target Center after a political show of a different sort — a concert by the band Rage Against the Machine.

A small fraction of those people, perhaps 200, decided to take over the intersection of First Avenue North and Seventh Street. Traffic snarled, and delegates watched in waiting traffic as riot-clad police pushed the spontaneous, vocal protest up Seventh Street. A delegate from Texas said, “Those guys, again?”

Yes, again. For two weeks straight, both in Denver and in Minneapolis, Rage Against the Machine, a rap-metal band formed in 1991 and known for its big noise and ferocious politics, formed an ad-hoc convention in opposition to both major parties. Although the band has been a significant commercial success — three of its albums in the 1990s attained multiplatinum status — radical politics have always been baked into their music.

The band members’ notoriety grew in 1996 when they tried to hang upside-down flags on their amps during a two-song set on “Saturday Night Live” — a performance that was cut short, and became something of a theme. Shortly after a concert at the Democratic convention in Los Angeles in 2000 that ended in clashes with the police, the band broke up, then reunited in 2007 at the Coachella music festival.

At both the Democratic and Republican conventions this year, Rage led marches, performed through megaphones when prevented from taking their stage, and generally agitated against the politics of convention and the conventions themselves.

None of this would be especially noteworthy — cause musicians reflexively congregate around political events — but Rage has millions of fans whose ardor has not been diminished by the band’s not putting out a record in eight years. The group’s insistent calls to action, in song and from the stage, still fall on receptive ears. Some of its hard-core fans are less prone to buying T-shirts than engaging in the kind of civil disobedience that sometimes ends in tear gas.

The Democratic convention opened with a free Rage show at the Denver Coliseum in support of Iraq Veterans Against the War, with the band’s lead singer, Zack de la Rocha, kicking into “Guerilla Radio.” “It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime,” he sang, “What better place than here?”

The building all but tipped on its side and bucked throughout the frantic, politically framed set, which included a guest spot by Wayne Kramer of the MC5, reprising the song “Kick Out the Jams” from an appearance during the mayhem of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. When the band finished at the coliseum, most of the 9,000 people who were present followed a march led by the veterans down to the Pepsi Center.

Many contemporary musical acts have lined up behind the Democratic candidate for president, Senator Barack Obama, while the McCain campaign has put some country music firepower behind it, but Rage Against the Machine and its legions regard donkeys and elephants as the same species.

“The only difference between the two parties is marketing,” said Adam Jung, a youth organizer who was interviewed during the Rage concert in Denver. “Electing Democrats to end the war is like drinking light beer to lose weight.”

Still, Republican Party officials here and in Minneapolis this week reacted to various Rage endeavors as if a sleeper cell were in their midst. A concert sponsored by the Service Employees International Union at Harriet Island on Monday, the first day of the convention, had its permit revoked and then restored after Rage was placed first on and then off the bill.

On Tuesday a five-band protest concert was scheduled on the lawn of the State Capitol above St. Paul. Near the end of the day the four members of Rage pulled up and were immediately surrounded by the police. The band members were told that they were not going to take the stage because they were not on the bill — but there were no bands listed on the permit. And so the four members of the band walked out into the crowd, which was chanting, “Let them play!,” and someone handed them a megaphone. With the guitarist Tom Morello vocalizing instrumental interludes, Mr. de la Rocha did two songs: “Bulls on Parade” and “Killing in the Name.” The crowd surged around the band and filled in the musical gaps.

After Mr. de la Rocha suggested that the assembled police were “not afraid of four musicians from Los Angeles, they are afraid of you!,” Mr. Morello took the megaphone.

He said: “I suspect that the cops have much more in common with this band, with you people. Before this weekend is over, they may turn their batons, rubber bullets and their tear gas against us, but it is our hope that one day they turn those batons and rubber bullets and the tear gas against” the people assembled at the Xcel Center, whom he described in colorful language.
It did not turn out that way after a few of the more fleet-footed protesters began running through the streets of St. Paul. Windows were broken, chemical agents were deployed, and arrests were made.

Later that night, Mr. Morello, who like Mr. Obama is the son of a Kenyan father and a white American mother (and who went to Harvard), stood in an alley behind the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, tuning up for a hootenanny with Billy Bragg hosted by the Minneapolis musician and writer Jim Walsh. Neither he nor the other members of the band were granting interviews, however. Mr. Morello, who performs solo as the Nightwatchman, was talking to the songwriter Ike Reilly, and said the day had been a busy one.

“When we got to the capitol, we were surrounded by cops, and they asked, ‘Are you in Rage Against the Machine?,’ ” Mr. Morello said. “And I didn’t know what the right answer was, so I just said, ‘I don’t know.’ They blocked us from even approaching the stage, saying they’d arrest us if we played. So we went into the middle of the crowd and began to improvise.”

The Rage show at the Target Center on Wednesday night was a commercial concert, not a protest rally, with proceeds going to benefit various antiwar causes, according to Mr. Morello. But the political backdrop had hardly disappeared. When the lights came up at the start of the set, the band was clad in orange jumpsuits and black hoods, with hands behind them, an image that seemed to shout “Guantánamo Bay” without ever saying the words. Still, the rhetoric from the stage was more nuanced than that of the previous shows.

“I hope you all leave peacefully, but you don’t have to be passive,” Mr. Morello said. “Don’t let anyone put their hands on you.”

Thousands took that advice, and a few took it a step further, refusing orders to disperse at Seventh Street and Second Avenue.

Arrests, a mainstay of the latest Rage shows, quickly ensued.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flamin' Hellcats 9/12

John McCain: Music Pirate

Did anyone else catch the clips of the last night of the GOP convention, where John McCain’s campaign was blasting the song "Barracuda" by Heart? [Reportedly, the tune was meant to be a theme song for GOP VP pick Sarah Palin, whose high school nickname was said to be "Sarah Barracuda." Yeah. I know. I'm not making this up].

Did the McCain campaign obtain legal permission to use the song? Fuck no. They just stole it.

Heart’s representative issued a statement:

"The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission. We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored."

Heart should sue the bastards. I would [not that the McCain campaign would ever use KFG's "Porn Star" as a theme song].

Even funnier is the fact that last month, McCain released his technology policy, in which he promised to “protect the creative industries from piracy.”

Uh huh.

But it's not the first time the McCain people have stolen music. ThinkProgress reported that McCain infringes on artists’ copyrights all the time.

What a piece of shit.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jake Hooker Is On The Inter-Webs

Jake Hooker, member of such fine SETX rock bands as We Were Wolves and Molly Maguires, informs us that he too is doing the bloggity thing.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rage Against The Machine Rocks The GOP RNC

Rolling Stone: Clad in Guantanamo-style orange jumpsuits with black hoods cinched over their heads and their hands behind their backs, Rage Against the Machine were led onstage to deafening air raid sirens and cheers in Minneapolis last night. The band faced the crowd for a second — as if waiting for a firing squad — before their instruments were placed in their hands and they launched into a blistering rendition of “Bomb Track,” their heads still covered in black cloth. “We’re Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles, California,” Zack de la Rocha said after the band had changed out of their prison-camp garb, and that was basically his only address to the crowd for the next dozen songs.

The band seemed to have even more energy than the amped-up audience on the over-packed floor, and the four tore through song after song like they were making up for the canceled free concert the police shut down the previous night. Guitarist Tom Morello and de la Rocha stomped back and forth while drummer Brad Wilk kept up a tireless mechanical thrash and bassist Tim Commerford bounced up and down for almost the entire concert. Only during the drum solo in “Sleep Now in the Fire” did de la Rocha say a few words. “I know we’re going to take care of each other this evening,” he said as security poured water on the sweaty fans packed against the fence in front of the stage. “I know we can stand here with y’all in peaceful opposition to the whole fascist Republican agenda.”

A few minutes later, before they walked offstage to regroup for their encore, de la Rocha gave his only real speech of the night. “I know a lot of you feel the way that we do,” he said. “In our small way, together we come to spots like this to interrupt and to disrupt and to not be passive in the face of all this death and destruction that this party brought to this country and the world. We won’t be party to it. And we’re going to resist it. And we’re not going to let them distract our brothers and sisters and people around the country from it. … These people are concerned about a few determined people that broke a couple of windows; this government just broke two countries! … Oh and by the way, Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, I forgot to mention that.”

As they finished “Wake Up,” de la Rocha added, “I don’t know what you all are going to do tonight afterward, but I hope you all leave peacefully… but you don’t have to be passive! You don’t have to let anyone put their hands on you.”

After an encore featuring “Killing in the Name Of” left an arena bristling with middle fingers, the band stood and faced the audience one last time. This time, instead of looking like victims of a firing squad, the effect was more like posing for a yearbook photo — the four stood smiling, their arms around each other’s shoulders.

When Target Center emptied into the streets, crowds stood across from lines of riot, bike and mounted police. Some protestors went on to lie on the ground while others held a flag. The police reinforced their lines and the two sides faced off for about 30 minutes between the First Avenue nightclub and Minneapolis Hard Rock CafĂ©. Finally, the police allowed a crowd of about 200 to march away from the Target Center towards the center of downtown Minneapolis. (The group reportedly dwindled as they marched and the protest ended in the arrests of 102 people.) Less than a block away, at a RNC party thrown by the Minneapolis St. Paul Host Committee, one middle-aged woman dressed in white looked down on the protestors from the restaurant’s second floor windows, “Where are their mothers?” she asked.

Set List:
“Bomb Track”“Testify”“Bulls on Parade”“People of the Sun”“Know Your Enemy”“Bullet in the Head”(Katrina song)“Born of a Broken Man”“Guerilla Radio”“Ashes in the Fall”“Calm like a Bomb”“Sleep Now in the Fire”“Wake Up”[encore]“Freedom”“Township Rebellion”“Killing in the Name of.”

Whiskey, Poblano, Mac & More

Welcome back from the evac. Coming up this weekend:

Tonight [Sept. 4]: Brandon Rhyder at Whiskey River; David Lee Kaiser at The Poblano Grill.

Friday Night [Sept. 5]: The Solar System Band at Larry's French Market; Scott McGill and Old Dog Mac at The Capistrano.

Saturday Night [Sept. 6]: Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins at Larry's French Market; Ropin' Texas at The Vidor VFW Hall; Floodgate and Phoricid at Changing Times.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rage Against The Machine To Rock During Republican National Convention

MTV News:

It's a safe bet that few of the attendees of the upcoming Republican National Convention (September 1-4) in St. Paul, Minnesota, will take a break from the expected coronation of Senator John McCain as the party's presidential hopeful to attend a certain show taking place across the river in Minneapolis.

Mainly because the headliners are Rage Against the Machine, who, according to Minneapolis' Star Tribune, will bring their incendiary politics and anthems of violent revolution to the Target Center September 3.

The band will likely be plugging in and offering a less-than-favorable view of conservative politics. De la Rocha recently called for President Bush to be "tried for being a war criminal," and during the band's Lolla set, he raged against the last eight years of Republican rule and even had a word of warning for "Brother Obama," referring to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama.

"Now, we know Brother Obama. ... But I tell you what, if he comes to power come November and he doesn't start pulling troops out of Afghanistan, I know a lot of people who are gonna stand up and burn down every office of every Senate."

In addition to the Rage show, the band's guitarist, Tom Morello, will hook up with outspoken singer/songwriter and fellow social activist Steve Earle to perform a show at a union rally on September 1 at St. Paul's Harriet Island.

Rage Against The Machine And Thousands Of Protesters Rock The DNC Peacefully

MTV News:

A strange thing happened during the Rage Against the Machine protest show on Wednesday (August 27) in support of Iraq Veterans Against the War: Things were downright peaceful.

Rage played an hour's worth of incendiary, bomb-throwing anthems from their catalog, and lead singer De la Rocha egged on the near-capacity crowd at the Denver Coliseum into a froth, but several hours' worth of warnings from the concert's organizers to keep the post-show protest nonconfrontational appeared to soak in as fans mostly danced in place with their fists in the air, spinning out the occasional mosh pit.

With assistance from former MC5 guitarist and 1968 Democratic National Convention protest veteran Wayne Kramer — decked out in all white and sporting a guitar painted with an American flag — Rage ripped through a punk-edged take on the MC5's scorched-earth manifesto "Kick Out the Jams."

De la Rocha kept the polemics to a minimum during the show but gave a stern warning that "revolutionary change begins with a crime of betrayal," and said that any politician who continues to support the United States' current policies "is in harm's way."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rage Against The Machine Rocks DNC In Denver

The Associated Press reports that Rage Against the Machine will perform at an anti-war music festival during the Democratic National Convention, starting today.

"The politically outspoken rock band said it will perform at the Tent State Music Festival to End the War on Aug. 27 at the Denver Coliseum, a venue about three miles from the convention site. Others scheduled to perform include Wayne Kramer, who played with MC5 during the riotous 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago."

"I do this out of a sense of participating in democracy," said Kramer, who said he plans to vote for Democrat Barack Obama in November. "Democracy requires participation. It's not just a theory."

"The Denver festival is hosted by Tent State University and Iraq Veterans Against the War. Organizers say about 8,000 tickets will be given away free by lottery."

Tent State University describes itself as "a college campus-based movement aimed at ending the Iraq war."

"Kramer said he and Tom Morello [pictured above] of Rage Against the Machine have long worked together on music and activism. "When the opportunity came up to take our electric guitars and make some unholy noise to try to stop a war, it sounded familiar to me," Kramer said. "It's something we did 40 years ago, as part of a generation that said the war in Vietnam was wrong and needed to stop. We're part of a generation saying the war in Iraq is wrong and needs to stop."

On the Net:

The Punk Rock Show And More

I love kitties. Also on tap this weekend:

[Aug. 28] : Kevin Fowler, David Lee Kaiser and The Joint Chiefs at Whiskey River.

[Aug. 29]: Colorcast Veteran, Anavie, and Sunrise Kills at The 710 Downtown Bar; Stale Mind, Hardshell Case and The Kingdom Mafia at The Outlaw Drinkin' Club.

[Aug. 30]: Floodgate at Changing Times.

[Aug. 31]: Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle and We Were Wolves at The Vortex.

Scraps On The Radio

It was cool hearing SETX rockers The Scraps' [pictured above] drunken punk anthem "Sud Suckers" last night on local rock radio station Big Dog 106's Homegrown Local Music Show. Sounded awesome. Nothing better than driving around with the stereo on full blast shouting along to one of your favorite songs. If you haven't heard "Sud Suckers" yet, grab a copy of The Scraps' five-song EP "Static Revolver." It contains the tracks "Release," "Static Revolver," "Date With Death," "Cold Side" and the ever-popular "Sud Suckers." And turn it up loud.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Connect The Dots: La Snacks, Sharks From Space, Molly Maguires, We Were Wolves And More

Despite what skeptical local media types say, memorable nights of music are not rare in SETX.
Coming up this weekend we have [on Aug. 22] The Connect The Dots Festival with La Snacks, Sharks From Space [pictured above], Meryll and Uptown at The Vortex - and then [on Aug. 23] Connect The Dots continues with Ringodeathstarr, Transmography, Molly Maguires and We Were Wolves. Hardly rare. More like well done.

Incoming Message From The Scraps

Yup, Benny from SETX rockers The Scraps dropped a few lines:

"Just wanted to let you know: Reverend Horton Heat is coming to Beaumont on the 23rd of October. We're trying to open the show for them [top secret information deleted]. How bad ass would that be?"

"And we're also in the studio right now with Danny Broussard recording our next 5 song EP. No name for the CD yet, but the track listing is pretty killer. All our new stuff with a re-recording of an older song."

"So ... it's looking good right now. Just wanted to update you brother. Thanks for all your support! It's people like you that keep the music scene what it is. Sure we've got bands galore in the area, but it's people who have a passion for local music that make it what it is."

Benny Mac

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saving The Best For Last - Summer '08 Ends With Punk Rock Blowout

Exclusive: An Anonymous Sloth From Bicycle Sighs Interviews Aaron From Obscene Orchestra / Bigaehomoehs

Q: So, how are you?

A: Eh, I could be better. Life has got me down a bit, but that's nothing new I assume. I'm trying to balance out everything equally - relationship and the band and I'm about to turn 18 - so its a bit rough right now.

Q: What is the word on Obscene Orchestra - and any new news?

A: Well, we're working on new music. We haven't been very active lately, and we really don't see much of each other besides band practice. We've realized its just stupid to try to make music we don't even like just to be diverse now. So we're going for dance-y music now more. I mean, it will still be different and interesting - to us at least.

Q: So what is the story with the new band Bigaehomoehs?

A: Well, Obscene Orchestra is amazing to be in of course, but Ive been working on music for it for a year or two now with and without other members and now that we're getting a lot more attention and getting more serious I needed to work on something to calm me down. I mean, OO! makes me feel better when I'm down but I need something everyday, not three times a week. Also, I wanted Adam, an old member of OO!, back again.

Q: What is the basic idea of Bigaehomoehs?

A: Well, its just a big fuck you to anyone and everything. I'm sick of the way America is and if I cant rule the world yet I'm gonna fuck with it until I do and this is just another way to do that in a much more abrasive way. OO! is a little more calm then it used to be. We used to just yell, spit and scream about fucking in the ass and that was fun. I wanted that again.

Q: What are your plans as far as live shows?

A: Well, we're going to try and book some shows locally, which has always been a bitch for OO! because of our diversity - people tend to look down on us for not sucking ass apparently. I mean, the Art Studio is the only place that will fucking book us. Also, we may book some shows in Austin and Houston, maybe Dallas or McAllen.

Q: What do you plan for recording and releasing music?

A: Well ... with this band, we can record our own music again, something we haven't been able to do with OO! in forever. Drums bring a whole new set of recording problems to the table, but we don't have a drummer in this band- just a guitar, a mic, a synth, and a keyboard for beats. We should probably release an EP into local stores soon - if they'll fucking sell it. Probably wont.

Q: What do you think about the upcoming election? Any thoughts?

A: Yeah, I have a lot to say about that. I'm really glad that bitch Hilary is gone. She just wanted to say Obama was a terrorist. McCain is fucking stupid as hell - I need not even say why. And Obama doesn't seem that great and, as we all know, everyone around here calls him Osama because we live in a town of fucking ignorant rednecks and gangs. Also, China can fucking suck it. Bush bombed innocent people for oil and he's to much of a pussy to actually fight a potential enemy. Bush needs a lesson on how not to be a little bitch.

Q: Any closing statements?

A: Yeah, to everyone around here who still thinks we suck ... go chug a bottle of cherry children's robo and pass out on the highway!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best Bets In SETX This Week

[Aug. 10]: Colorcast Veteran, Makada, and Survive the Musical at Rikenjaks.

[Aug. 13]: Kingdom of Sorrow, Soilent Green, Scum of the Earth, and Six Past Hell at The Vortex.

[Aug. 15]: Aaron Watson at Whiskey River.

[Aug. 16]: We Were Wolves [pictured above] at The Vortex; Downsyde and Echo Lane at Changing Times; Daniel Moore, Michael Wright, Ben J, Webbed, and Algo Rithm at the Art Studio; Southern Whiskey Rebellion, Black Tooth, and Mile Zero at the Outlaw Drinking Club.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aaron From Obscene Orchestra

Aaron from SETX rock band Obscene Orchestra [pictured above] sent in some news about their new side project Bigaehomehs.

"Its gonna be a noise/punk/trash band. Anti-religious. Anti-war. Pretty pretty much against any wrong doings America is basing its new neo-Nazi fascist bullshit beliefs on these days."

Aaron described one of Obscene Orchestra's recent shows: "The cops were almost called because some guys were telling us to die - and I told them I'd fuck their asses after the show. So they tried to throw a board at my head. And my grandpa almost tried to shoot them. It was fucking epic as hell."

Hit the Obscene Orchestra MySpace site at:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jokers Wild - Upcoming Events

Thursday [July 31] - Cross Canadian Ragweed at Whiskey River in Beaumont, Texas.

Friday [Aug. 1] - Angels and Outlaws with Warchild at Changing Times on 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas.

Saturday [Aug. 2] - Opie Hendrix and Sam Suicide at The Vortex on 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas; Fuzion of Elements at Changing Times on 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas.

Thursday [Aug. 7] - The Eli Young Band at Whiskey River in Beaumont, Texas; The Vettes and the HighLines at The Vortex on 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas.

Friday [Aug.8] - The Unnamed Project For Revenge, Altar Ego and Proximity at The Vortex on 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas.

Saturday [Aug. 9] - Percy Sledge, The Fabulous Boogie Kings, Louisiana Express, and Eazy at The Robert "Bob" Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur Texas; Longtooth at Changing Times on 11th Street in Beaumont Texas.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Never Mind The Batman: Joker Inspired by Legendary Punk Rockers

Allow me to geek out for a second.

While it's been reported that the filmmakers behind the epic film "The Dark Knight" based its contemporary real-world version of the iconic comic villain The Joker on punk rock icons like Iggy Pop of The Stooges and Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols, Christian Bale [THE goddamn Batman] recently told the UK Telegraph that the late Heath Ledger [who died in January of an accidental drugs overdose] had also watched video clips of Sid Vicious, the late Sex Pistols bassist, while researching the role.

The 34-year-old Bale said: "Heath's created an anarchic Joker unlike any ever seen before.
"He modelled the part on Sid Vicious which made this punk-like character. I think it is a classic portrayal of a great villain."

Says the Telegraph: The punk rock icon, whose real name was John Simon Ritchie, died in New York 1979, also from a drugs overdose. The troubled musician - renowned for his violent behaviour - was facing trial over the murder of his former girlfriend Nancy Spungen at the time of his death.